Psychic Awareness Magical Fair in Perth WA

Choose the Psychic you connect to ....

  • Aura Photos and Chakra Reports

  • Astrology and Numerology Reports

  • Clairvoyants, Channelling, Mediums

  • Dream interpretations

  • Numerology

  • Past Life Regression

  • Photo Interpretations

  • Psychometry

  • Rune Stones

  • Tarot Cards

Next Fair
Friday      23rd August    10am to 6pm
Saturday     24th August    9am to 6pm
Sunday      25th August    9am to 5pm

Cannington Exhibition Centre  
Liddelow Pavilion 
Cnr Albany Highway and Station Street

Entry Fee $5
Psychic Tickets $55 per reading
Tickets available online or at the Fair
No appointments
Free parking
Cannington Exhibition Centre

Cannington Exhibition Centre

Liddelow Pavilion

Liddelow Pavilion

At the Psychic Fair you choose the Clairvoyant Reader that you connect to.  Learn to fine turn your senses and allow your intuition to guide you to your Reader.  We have some of the best Psychics in WA.  Come and check us out and find out which Clairvoyant you are drawn towards. 

When you arrive at the venue wonder around and talk to the Clairvoyants about what they do.  Take your time to get a feeling for which Psychic you connect to.  Once you have decided which Psychic Reader you feel drawn towards, come back to the front desk and purchase a Ticket.  If there is a crowd around the person you wish to have a reading with, then respect yourself and ask who is waiting in the queue.  This will help you determine if people are just sitting around chatting.  Remember to give your Ticket to the Reader when you take a seat with them.   There are no appointments.

Psychic Fairs are a good way of checking which Psychic Reader you connect to for a Reading.  If you feel you relate to a particular Reader but would like a bit more privacy then go ahead and take their business card.  Give the Psychic a call later for a more private indepth session.

If you feel you would like more than one reading then that is ok as well.  Sometimes people like to verify what the Psychic sense from their energy by having more than one reading.