Problem Solving

Most of us at sometime have had a thought in our head, ‘ I don’t know what I am doing! ’  When we  think about a problem, we know we are trying to seek a solution.  Try not to think once in a while and ‘just be’ with the problem.  Simply focus on an awareness that a solution to your problem has already been created somewhere out there.  Every single moment you are being something.  Just be patient, clear your thoughts and allow the answer to surface for you. 

When you are thinking about your problem, you also tend to gather around you the stress associated with it.  Leave your thoughts behind, go get yourself some fresh air and just be aware of what is around you.  When you perceive things from a state of being, you are viewing the situation as ‘what is.’   You are choosing to just be with the problem.  Develop a belief in an awareness that a solution has already been created and give ‘time’ some time, for a solution to surface for you.  Awareness is not something you tend to think about, it is something you are being. 

Ask yourself what are you being right now.  If you feel agitated then that is what you are being.  What you are sensing tells you exactly what you are feeling.  Your feelings never lie.  They do not know how to.  They tell you exactly what you are being in any moment.  And you can change how you are feeling by simply changing how you are being.  Happiness is something you choose because of what is happening to you or going to happen to you.  You can choose to be happy if you are sad, you can choose to be determined and persistent if you feel frustrated and nervous.  You can control how you are being at any moment, to feel a different way.  

Your beingness is a state in which you place yourself.  It is a choice, not a response.  You can control what choices you make in life.  You can choose to be who you want to be.  Your feelings are your response to your way of being.  What you sense and feel is the result of the choices you have made in your life.  We forget that we are creating our own realities.  So search your memory for what you have forgotten.  The way you are being at any moment, gives birth to what you are doing. 

Until you decide what something means, it has no meaning.  Have you not seen two people reacting entirely different to the same outer set of circumstances?  You determine what something means.  And you can choose your state of beingness before something happens, just as you choose your experience after the event.  Remember, your thoughts create your reality so it is a good idea once in a while to stop thinking all together.  Get in touch with your soul and ask your soul to give you a vision of who you want to be.  Meditation is one of many methods to help you be quiet and think quiet.  See the May 2014 article in the blog ‘Say Hello to you Soul.’

We are our Choices
— Jean Paul Sartre
We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.
— J.K. Rowling
People pay for what they do, and still more for what they have allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it very simply; by the lives they lead.
— James Baldwin