Numerology Vibration for March 2014

This month can be hectic with some unexpected changes.  Don't try to plan everything down to its final detail.  Instead, be flexible and adapt to whatever comes your way.  The expression "being in the flow", is instructive for most of this month and you will be astonished by coincidences in which timing is crucial. 

Don't make financially risky decisions, especially involving business.  Checking and double-check all your facts before going forward with your plans.  Be sceptical! However, your ability to promote yourself, your plans, or a product is enhanced.     There will be many social events and opportunities.  Take advantage of them. 

The chances of meeting new people who can support you in your endeavours are especially good.   A letter or phone call from someone you haven't heard from in a long time may surprise you.  It's high noon for romance, but be warned.  You may not be as discriminating and cautious as you should be.  Allow your rational mind to take a critical look at flattering admirer(s).