Numerology Day Vibration from 1st to 31st March

March 1)  Increased responsibility.  Financial opportunity.  Romance is strong.

March 2)  Quiet day, contemplative.  Need for patience. 

March 3)  This is a good day to sign a contract or finalize a deal.  Go out and spend some money.  Romance may entice you to do something irresponsible.

March 4)  Doubts about decisions taken earlier.  Problems with someone close to you.  Emotional stress.  Be creative, active.  Find distraction.

March 5)  Decisions needed.  Be aggressive.  Leadership.

March 6)  Enhanced sensitivity and intuition. You become involved in a dispute and play the role of mediator successfully.  Love and romance highly favourable.


March 7)  Optimistic and a upbeat day.  Lack of focus, scattered but creative.


March 8)  Show others, they can depend on you, but don't make promises you cannot full fill. 


March 9)  Unexpected events.  Trust your intuition. Be social. You meet someone interesting.


March 10)  Family matters need to be rectified.  Old friend brings good news. 


March 11)  Inward focused.  Spiritual insights.  Bottled up feelings need to be dealt with.


March 12)  Somewhat insensitive in romance; missed opportunity if not careful.


March 13)  Disappointment due to disloyalty in friend or family member, later rectified. 


March 14)  New endeavour.  A project involves spirituality and self-expression.  Perhaps writing.  You feel a closer connection to God and nature.

March 15)  You read other people clearly.  You may annoy a few people. Don't be arrogant.



March 16)   You feel an important change, but are not yet clear about it's true nature.  Be

patient.  Don't try to analyse yourself.  Romance favoured.


March 17)  Accomplishment in work.  Routine matters need to be handled.  Moral issues.


March 18)  Feelings of freedom.  Enhanced sense of humour.


March 19)  Sharing thoughts and feelings with relatives and friends.  Conflicts solved. 


March 20)  Inability to see the simple solutions.   Take a break, rest.  Spend time alone.

March 21)  You force a break-through in career or business.  Loved ones may complain about lack of attention.



March 22)    Moody day.  Good day for hugging and kissing.  Focus on people, not things.


March 23)  Renewed energy.  You take the lead today. 


March 24)  Practical application of spiritual understanding.  Counselling others. 

March 25)  Upbeat and playful.  Attractive to others.  Power to influence others. 




March 26)  Self-sacrifice.  Forgotten duties catch up with you.  Deadlines.



March 27)  Unexpected changes, perhaps travel.  Restless.  Watch for self-indulgence.  Lack of discipline.

March 28)  Changes affecting family and friends.  Perhaps move or change of environment at work.  Increased workload and responsibility.  Don't put of till tomorrow ...



March 29)  Change of priorities.  Self-criticism.  Confrontation with loved one.  Spiritual realizations.  Aloneness, but comfortable.


March 30)  Good for business.  Healing in relationships.  Lack of care for detail.


March 31)  Feelings of accomplishment. Opportunity for healing mind and body.  Pamper yourself.  Not a good day for travel.