Key indicators to Balance your Chakras

Chakra Information

The flow of universal energy enters our body from the Crown Chakra and then flows down into the Base Chakra.  This energy then travels up through the other Chakras and outflows through the Third eye.  Why is it important to know about are Chakras?  Because when our Chakras become blocked, they help us pinpoint where we are having our greatest challenges. 

Crown Chakra

Inflow – self acceptance
Colour – violet
Physical symptoms – mental and nervous disorders, epilepsy and rheumatism
Our inflow of energy is the lifeline to the Universe from the source itself.  It is about our ability to accept ourselves as an individual and accept others for who they are.

Base Chakra

Wants – aspirations
Colour – Red
Physical symptoms – blood/circulation disorders. Releases adrenaline/gives rise to energy
This Chakra is about what we want in life - desires and material aspirations.  It helps us to identify and establish practical goals related to income and achievement in life

Spleen Chakra

Reproductive –  needs
Colour – orange
Physical symptoms – production/lack of energy, depression
Our creative juices emerge from the spaghetti junction of the intestine and kidneys area.  This is the centre that creates our dreams and desires, and transforms them into material form

Solar Plexus Chakra

Self Identity and personal strength – empathy
Colour – yellow
Physical symptoms – skin problems and liver
Sensing the needs, desires and feelings of others and yet remain detached from their personal issues.  This centre is about your comfort level as an individual to freely identify with others

Heart Chakra

Drive – incentives
Colour green
Physical symptoms – heart, lungs and blood pressure
The centre of love, harmony and honesty.  Our challenges, our drives  and incentives for success in decision making.  Our level of love for accomplishment and involvement

Throat Chakra

Communication – relating
Colour – blue
Physical symptoms – throat, thyroid, fevers and colds
Verbal expression of thoughts and feelings.  The ability to enter constructive relationships and to remain relaxed and comfortable in circumstances involving others

Third Eye Chakra

Outflow – sharing
Colour – Indigo
Physical symptoms – eyes, ears, nose, pituitary gland and negativity
Sharing of your time, knowledge, wisdom, skills with detachment.  Responsible for inner vision and enlightenment.  Governs our intuitive nature and inspiration

Chakra Attitudes

Here are some key phrases that indicate which Chakra may be blocked

Crown Chakra – inflow, acceptance

Crown Attitudes of imbalance
I feel uncomfortable when people say nice things to me
I feel everyone else knows more than me
I do not think I am good enough to do it
I sense someone is holding me back

Crown Attitudes of balance

I am comfortable with who I am and enjoy my own company
I have worthwhile ideas that I think are good
I have a lot of myself that I can contribute to others
I am equally happy to both give and receive to others
I love and accept the things around in my environment

Base Chakra – our wants

Base Attitudes of imbalance
I always seem to be running out of money to do what I want
I do not think I am worthy to have it
It is just too hard to get what I want
I feel I need lots of impressive things around me

Base Attitudes of balance

I have set out a plan for my goals and the steps to achieve them
I am aware that in what we do is a means to an end and not necessarily an end in itself
I am happy to get involved to accomplish things.  It is not impossible

Spleen Chakra – our needs

Spleen Attitudes of imbalance
My needs are of no importance
Other people come before me
The concerns of my love ones always have first priority before me
Other people want me to do what they want, I don’t have time to achieve my goals
Spleen Attitudes of balance
I find my life is a wonderful opportunity to discover new things and grow
It is great to be able to express my ideas in a creative way
I feel relaxed and confident in providing for my basic needs

Solar Plexus – self identity, empathy

Solar Plexus Attitudes of imbalance
I feel like someone is always taking advantage of me
I am more knowledgeable than those around me, people need to listen to what I have to say
Those people are strange, they are not like me

Solar Plexus Attitudes of balance
I find it interesting meeting people with new ideas
I feel my friends and I have a lot of similarities
I feel I can have an empathy and understanding for others and not get emotionally involved

Heart Chakra – inner drive, incentives

Heart Attitudes of imbalance
What will people think of me if I do that
I am not sure I want to do that, I might hurt myself
Maybe I will hold back for a while to see what others do first
This may not work, it is better that I do not try

Heart Attitudes of balance

I have a sense of enthusiasm when I get involve with others
I always like to know first what results I am aiming to achieve
I know if I break my goals down to smaller steps  they become more achievable

Throat Chakra – communication, relating

Throat Attitudes of imbalance
I am not sure people will understand how I feel, I think I will not say anything
What if people do not agree with me
I feel stressed out when there is change around me
I feel uncomfortable when people have different thoughts to mind

Throat Attitudes of balance

I enjoy sharing thoughts and different opinions with others
I feel relaxed with people have different ideas and disagree with me
I feel a sense of relaxation to be able to freely express my thoughts and feelings

Third Eye Chakra – outflow, sharing

Third Eye Attitudes of imbalance
I am uncomfortable talking to people
If I tell you what I know, you might know more than me
I would love to share with people, but I just do not have the time
If I keep what I know to myself, they will have to come to me for answers

Third Eye Attitudes of balance

I love exchanging thoughts and topics of interest with others
I know when I share with others my knowledge and understanding of life expands
I enjoy being of service and helping others

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