Are You Psychic?

Our psychic power is our sixth sense.  We all have a sixth sense about things around us.  We all know about our other five senses of hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch.  Our sixth sense is our inner knowing. It is that hunch or a feeling about something.  Or it can be an inspiration that you paid little attention to, then realise you should of taken action.

Psychic power is simply stepping out of your current experience into a broader view.  To feel more than what you have imagined yourself to feel, and to sense a different energy.   Our psychic ability is like the muscles in our body.  We must exercise the use of it otherwise it remains undeveloped. 

People who use their psychic abilities understand that their thought process is energy.  Everything around us is constantly in motion and all time (past, present, future) is one.  The psychic person chooses to develop their psychic ability.  They experience and feel the energy in a form of pictures in the mind or thoughts as words.  It could be the dimmest flicker of an image that if you looked again it would be gone. 

A psychic person would never ask or question what they see.  They know that to ask a question, would send the answer away.  To ask would be to engage the mind and for the psychic to see, the energy needs to reside in the soul.  For intuition is the communication of the soul.  The soul, your aura is the instrument that is sensitive enough to discern the faintest vibrations.  The soul senses the energies.  The soul feels the waves in the environment and around people to interpret what they sense. 

Every thought, every occurrence sends off an energy wave.   Every feeling you ever had resides in your soul.  A psychic person can see and feel this energy because your energy -  past, present and future – is all together.  In spirit, there is no such thing as time.  All things are happening right now.  The psychic will get a vision, a shiver or a feeling and describes it without processing any of the data.  The future is not predicted as the vision is merely a glimpse of one of possible possibilities, of which the psychic has chosen to tell you. 

Your thought process creates your perception that creates your reality.  Many times we have all felt frustrated with the Universe that we did not get what we asked for.  However you will always get what you create.  What dictates what you are experiencing are the choices you make and the belief in your choices.  A psychic sees the choices you are making and can see it played out.  But it does not have to be that way.  All you have to do is choose again and change the outcome.

Remember – everyone is psychic.  We all leave a trace of energy, a fingerprint.  An aura is like seeing a mirror of your inner feelings and sensitiveness. 

If a’ love one’ from ‘the other side’ wants to contact you, they will find a way to do so.  You are not hallucinating!!!  Do not dismiss your vision or your feeling of something as your imagination, wishful thinking or coincidence.  If you have difficulty believing, it is because you doubt yourself, your abilities and your talents. 

The slightest thought you have of your ‘love one’ from ‘the other side’ will bring them to your side at an instant.  What you say they hear.  What you think they know.  The essence of your ‘love one’ is aware of your grief of having to say goodbye to them when you did not want to.

Loved ones ‘passed’ are never more than a thought away, and will always be there if you need them.  They will send you a little message that will allow you to know everything is fine.  The moment they sense the slightest disturbance in you auric field, they will fly to you to comfort you.  Trust and have faith in yourself to be open to their messages. 

Just at that moment of sadness when you think about their death.  A special song, a wallet, a bird singing, a cufflink, a piece of jewellery, or a photograph of a special moment catches your attention.  These kinds of things don’t just appear at just the right moment by chance.  Everything occurs for a reason and a purpose.  Trust and have faith in your psychic ability and use it, or you choose to loose it.