Numerology Day Vibration from 1st to 30th April

April 1)  Disappointment, distress.  Self-criticizing.  Confrontation with loved one.

April 2)  Recent conflict healed.

April 3)  Feelings of accomplishment.  Opportunity for healing mind and body.  Treat yourself and get some rest.  Time to strengthen relationships.

April 4)  Take charge.  Feeling lack of support.  Important introduction to someone new.

April 5)  Focus on relationships in work and personal life. 

April 6)  Recognizing the beauty of life.  Harmony.  Conflict resolved.


April 7)  Invest in long-term endeavours.  Disagreements with loved one on money-matters.


April 8)  Rely on your intuition.  Be decisive.  Travel possible and favoured.  Be social.


April 9)  Responsibilities.  Financial opportunity.  Self-sacrifice. 


April 10)  Contemplation and meditation.  Patience.  Avoid emotional confrontations.

April 11)  Money matters improve.  Honesty in communication is important.



April 12)  Possibly problems with someone close to you.  You are misunderstood. 


April 13)  Others look at you for direction.  You meet someone new.


April 14)  Sensitivity and intuition.  Success at solving personality problems.  Tact and wisdom.  Love and romance are highly favourable today.


April 15)  Chance to impress others. Scattered energy.  Perhaps superficial and irresponsible.


April 16)  Need for dependability.  Don't make promises you cannot full fill. 


April 17)  Change in career. Unexpected events, may include travel.  Watch for lack of self-discipline.


April 18)  Family matters need to be taken care of.  Guard against interfering in someone else's life.


April 19)  Inability to see the simple solutions.  Take a break, rest.  Spend time alone.


April 20)  Financial gain.  Details frustrate the progress. You force a break-through in

career or business.  Loved ones may complain about lack of attention.


April 21)  Good day for hugging and kissing.  Focus on people, not things.


April 22)  You take the lead, others follow. 

April 23)  Practical application of spiritual understanding.  Counselling others. 



April 24)  Upbeat and playful.  Can be a bit scattered and forgetful. 


April 25)  Be sceptical, someone is exaggerating, perhaps lying.  Avoid emotional




April 26)  Restlessness.  Easily bored.  Bad day for routine stuff. 


April 27)  Family matters need attention.  Responsibility and duty. 


April 28)  Soul-searching.  Need for answers, knowledge. 


April 29)  Favourable for contracts.  Meeting with old friends. 


April 30)  Changing of priorities.  Humanitarian causes.  Karmic healing.