Subliminal affects of Colours

Many of us choose colours instinctively without regard to how they interact with our feelings on a subconscious level.   Our wardrobe of clothes are often of a certain colour because they make us feel good.  For example red clothes are often warming or stimulating.  Blue clothes can say I am a private, loyal and thoughtful person.  Black clothes often make a statement to the world that I am going out there to discover myself.   When all the colours unite into white or rainbow, there may be a desire for some healing or a transformation of consciousness.

Primary colours – red, blue, yellow
Secondary colours  - Red + yellow = orange;  Yellow + blue = green;  Blue + red = purple
Complimentary colours   -  Red = green;   Yellow = violet;   Blue = orange
Warm colours = red, orange, yellow
Cool colours = blue, indigo, violet
Neutral colour = green

Colours can make us feel healed or stimulated - sad or euphoric. 

Here is a guideline of what they may mean to you in relation to your Chakras.

Crown Chakra – inflow, acceptance
Violet has a healing quality and stimulates the spleen area.  It helps us to meditate, reflect and absorb spiritual information.  When disharmonious it can lean towards obsession, injustice and punishment.

Base Chakra – our wants
Red is good to stimulate our metabolism and refresh our energy.  It helps us when we need strength, leadership and courage.  When disharmonious it can lead to rage, frustration and destructive tendencies.

Spleen Chakra – our needs
Orange is often used when happiness and interest in life needs to be stimulate and reactivated.  It helps us with our creative thinking, builds our self-confidence to motivate us into action.  When disharmonious  ignorance, aggression or self-importance can dominate.

Solar Plexus – self identity
Yellow is the combination of red and green rays to stimulate and regenerate energy.  Yellow stands for lightness and cheerfulness to enliven and comfort in times of melancholy, depression and weariness of life.  Disharmonious when sceptical, critical and stubbornness dominate.

Heart Chakra – inner drive
Green stands for recovering strength and regeneration.  Use green to soothe, to find balance and give substance to renewed life.  When you seek a connectedness to nature, use green for acceptance and growth.  Disharmonious when jealousy, pessimism, envy and discontent reins.

Throat Chakra – communication
Blue can cool and relax inflammations and is good for menopausal complaints.  It is good for healing and settling the nerves.  The colour blue stands for rest, recreation and truth.   Disharmonious if overly tired, depressed, lack of interest or self-pity.  

Third Eye Chakra – outflow
Indigo aids our psychic energy flow to inspire, heal and visualise what our purpose is in life.  When disharmonious arrogance and a totalitarian attitude can take control.