Connecting to Your Soul

You know you are body mind and spirit. The spirit is your soul - the very essence of who you are.  It is from spirit that your body emerges and to spirit that you eventually return. If you have a desire to connect to other souls, you need to become sensitive to the presence to your own soul first.  Contact with spirit is made at the soul level. The mind is the bridge between your soul and your body.

See yourself as a soul, living with a body and using your mind. Think of your body as something you have. Think of your mind as something you use. When you use your mind, use it briefly. Tell yourself you are a soul. Tell yourself you are not your body or your mind.   Clear your mind and move into the experience of what you are focusing on. Why do you think religious institutions like monasteries and churches use prayer and quiet contemplation.

When you have a great desire for something, just pray for it to come to you.  Create an inner feeling for the prayer to be real.  Say the prayer to yourself or out aloud.  Repeat the thought or words repeatedly in your mind.  When listening to music, just silence everything but the thing you are contemplating. Focus over and over again in that moment of solitude.  It can have a deep effect on you, so beware on what you focus on over and over again.  What are the words or the music inviting you to focus on?  Where is the song taking you in your thoughts?  What is the song causing you to remember?

Do not judge your thoughts.  Just ask yourself.  Do I desire to remember these thoughts.  Do I want to focus on this energy.  If the focus is connecting to your soul, whether you use music or some other means – you will find your connection.  Writing a journal, meditation, walking or even riding your bike, can be other ways for quiet contemplation.  Just get into the ‘spirit of things’ and empty the mind to remove the day-to-day activities and concerns of your life.  

Consider that at some level of consciousness, whatever you encounter has been aligned to your agenda as a soul.  When you feel hurt, experience failure or disappointment – see it as a gift.  Even if it may appear that you are not receiving what you thought you chose.  See each experience as a blessing.  Choose the experience, or rob the moment of any grief or suffering.  For this is your truth.  Somewhere your soul has chosen the experience. Welcome sadness or frustration as a rung on the ladder to your success.