Numerology Month Vibration for May

This month can be one of self-discoveries and intuitive perceptions.  It is a highly spiritual time, causing you to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  Your focus is inward.  You find yourself contemplating the mystery of your own existence, your purpose in life, and your direction.

Take time off to read and meditate.  Your interests are spiritual, not worldly.  It's an excellent time to take a vacation, as long as you avoid group-activities.  Social demands will make you irritable and out of sorts.  Be with yourself or enjoy meaningful discussions with someone close to you.  In this way, you may deepen your marriage or romantic relationship. 

It is a time for wisdom and insights, even premonitions and revelations that have little to do with intellectual effort.  They may be the result of heightened awareness and a free-flowing channel between your sub-conscious and your conscious. Be particularly alert to your dreams and the direction and insight they offer.