Numerology Day Vibration from 1st to 31st May

May 1)  Not a good day for gambling.  Feelings of loyalty.

May 2)  Recent trouble in relationship diffused.  Tact and wisdom.  Good day for learning.  Shifting of priorities.  Don't commit to long-term plans.

May 3)  Focus on money matters.  Domestic squabbles.  Commitment broken.

May 4)  Revelations.  Dreams with messages.  Sensitive to animals.  Spiritual needs strong.  Longing for knowledge.  Keep your feet on the ground.  

May 5)  Inspired and optimistic.  Self-expression.  Important letter or phone call.  

May 6)  Tie up loose ends.  Long-term endeavours are favoured.  Avoid confrontations.  

May 7)  Unexpected events.  Trust your intuition.  Be decisive.  Travel favoured.  Be social.  You meet someone interesting.  

May 8)  Increased responsibility.  Financial opportunity.  Romance is strong.   

May 9)  Quiet day, contemplative. Spend the evening in a quiet environment.  

May 10)  Romance may entice you to do something irresponsible. 

May 11)  Doubts about decisions taken earlier.  Problems with someone close to you.  Emotional stress.  Be creative, active.  Find distraction. 

May 12)  Decisions needed.  Leadership.  Push your ideas, start new projects. 

May 13)  Enhanced sensitivity and intuition.  Vivid dreams.  Premonitions.  You become involved in a dispute and play the role of mediator successfully.  Love and romance highly favourable.

May 14) Optimistic, upbeat.  Excited, looking forward to the challenges of today.  Lack of focus, scattered but creative.  

May 15)  Show others, they can depend on you, but don't make promises you cannot full fill. 

May 16)  Change in work environment.  Unexpected events may include travel.  Restless.  Social event may bring self-indulgence.  Discipline is needed. 

May 17)  Family matters need to be rectified.  Old friend brings good news.  Loyalty.  

May 18)  Inward focused.  Spiritual insights.   Trust your instincts.  Bottled up feelings need to be dealt with. 

May 19)  Somewhat insensitive in romance.  Missed opportunity if not careful. 

May 20)  Disappointment due to disloyalty in friend or family member.  Miscommunication. 

May 21)  Good for career.  Enhanced personal power.  Project involves spirituality and self-expression.  Perhaps writing.  You feel a closer connection to God and nature.

May 22)  Awareness. You read other people easily and clearly.  Peacemaker.  Tendency for self-righteousness.  You may annoy a few people.  Don't be arrogant. 

May 23)  Involvement in decorating, gardening, or home-repair.  Avoid business dealings.  Confusion in money matters.  Get receipts and estimates. 

May 24)  Hard work, perhaps overtime.  No room for procrastination.  Keep track of details.  You make a favourable impression at work.

May 25)  Possible work-related travel.  Good connections made.  Money-saving ideas, but keep your thoughts to yourself.  Concentrate on business. 

May 26)  Work around the house.  Family matters.  Serious conversations.   Physically vulnerable, dress warm, eat well.  Avoid alcohol.

May 27)  Vivid dreams, restless morning.  Distracted at work.  Feeling a little awkward, out of place.  Accident prone if too distracted.  Avoid social events.

May 28)  Financial reward, possibly unexpected.  Good day for promotional activities or sales.  Social gatherings may bring good new connections.  Avoid involvement in legal affairs. 

May 29)  An urge to clean up your environment.  Get rid of things.  Good day for problem solving.  Hidden progress.  Someone is supportive behind the scenes. 

May 30)  Need for quick action.  Your senses need to be alert today.    

May 31)  Energy a little out of tune.  Bad day for stress, deadlines.  Take time off.