The Magic of Beliefs

If you believe that your life does not have to be the way it is, it can be changed.  That is the magic of beliefs.  That is how the changes in your life are made and how change has come about.  At some point in your life you feel you thoughts no longer benefit you, so you decided to take action to make some changes. Some people around you will think that maybe this time you have changed your mind and will make a commitment to support you.

If you want to change your life or change the world, know that you can do it.  Remember also that life can be fun so relax, spread your joy with others and share your love of life.  Perceive any dramas or stress as experiences to master. Smile and share some laughter with a stranger to build lots of goodness within you.  Make an intention that your relationship with yourself and others is one of love.  Ask yourself is this who you are and who you want to be.

See your life as a good luck charm.  Dare your life to work for you.  Direct your actions, words and thoughts onto the same path.  Ask yourself are the things you are doing, is this what you want to do.  Ask yourself are the things you are saying, do you want to make them real in your life.  Ask yourself are the thoughts you are thinking, are they the thoughts you want to experience.  Have faith and trust that your life will work for you.  Know that your life will work for you.  Say to yourself that your life will work for you.  Act as it your life is working for you and your life will work out for you. 

Focus, focus, focus over and over again to control your thoughts.  If it helps you to align your body mind and spirit onto the same path, place post-it notes on your fridge or bedroom mirror. If you do not want to create what you are thinking, then stand back for a moment and let it go before you make it real. If you feel you are not getting what you want in life, there is a part of you that is going in a different direction than what you think you want.  For example your thoughts maybe on a different path than what your actions or words.  And at a subconscious level you do not always know the intention of your soul. 

You need to be truthful and honest with yourself.  Whatever condition you want to create, it needs to come from love and not fear.  Look at stress as blessing in disguise and thank your soul for showing you that.  When you have questions ask yourself  ‘is this what love would do’,  ‘is this who I am’,  ‘is this who I want to be’.  If you are truly honest with yourself then the right answers to your questions will appear like magic in front of you.  If you have to think about the answer, or the answer is not coming to you, then a part of you is trying to alter your truth.  Do not think about the answer?  Be the answer. 

You behave in a certain way because of your beliefs of your surrounding conditions.  For example your behaviour can be due to your concern of no job, or fear that you are making the wrong choices.  Beliefs create behaviours and behaviours create conditions.  These conditions are reflections of beliefs that have not changed.  If you want things to change you have to work to change the beliefs.  Behaviours and conditions can only be changed temporarily.  If you want long-term relief you must work on changing your beliefs.

If you are looking at changing your beliefs, you first you have to be aware of what beliefs you are trying to change.  If you are one of those people who have been too busy living, you may not have thought too deeply to know what it is that you believe in.   You may be too busy trying to solve the problems created by your beliefs. 

For example you may have a belief that you have a need for more money and insufficient means of how to go about earning more income.  Or that love is conditional and that there are requirements that must be met in order to receive the benefits of love.  Or that judgements must be made and to condemn those who fail to meet certain requirements.  So you behave a certain way because of your beliefs and thus create your own miseries.

So how committed are you to be willing to look for solutions.  How willing are you to change your beliefs and to assist others in changing theirs.  And why would you want to help others?  Because what you give out comes back to you.  The power to recreate your reality comes from within you.  However you may have to change the belief that you do not have this power.  And what you believe you create and experience. 

Some things are harder to believe than others so those things are harder to experience.  For example you may think of blessings or gifts when you imagine a parking space right where you want it.  But your vision of your money problems is a much larger drama so you think of this is a misfortune or tragedy.  You may be more willing to produce smaller results but do not think you have the power to create larger ones.  Because you do not believe you can.

To be the master of your life you need to believe that you have the power of God and prayer to create your goals.  You need to dare life to give you your creations.  Think say and do day and night your belief of who you are and what you are creating and you will produce what people would call miracles.  And people will say how can you be so lucky and how can things work out for you just like magic.  And remember to thank God, Spirit and your Beliefs for helping you to work the magic to create your miracles.