Say Hello to your Soul

Once in a while you might like to stop thinking to clear your thoughts and say hello to your Soul.  To think quiet, be quiet and after a while your thinking will slow or simmer down.   Visualise your thoughts by thinking about what you are thinking about.  Visualise where your thoughts are going and stop your thoughts from going there.  As you focus on your thoughts you will focus on nothing. 

To stop all the mental noise, look at a symbol in front of you like a candle or crystal.  See what you notice about it and stare deeply into it but do not think about it.  Be with the object and after a while your eyes will want to close and they will feel heavy or fuzzy.  Avoid labels like self-hypnosis.  Thinking stops you from just being with what you are doing. Just be with the experience.  When it feels like you want to close your eyes just close them.  Your eyes will just naturally close if you don’t fight to keep them open.  Now listen to your breathing.  This will stop you from listening to everything else.  If ideas come into your thoughts, it’s your soul wanting to inspire you.

Focus your vision at your third eye chakra but not expecting to see anything.  Relax and be content with the emptiness of darkness.  If your mind fills with thoughts just watch the thoughts and be okay with that.  Just observe, be quiet, just notice and do not judge.  Let it all pass as part of a parade.  Do the same with sounds or feelings.  In the total stillness you may feel and notice that you have never heard so many sounds or had so much trouble feeling comfortable.  Include everything you feel and hear as part of your experience but do not dwell on it.  Do the same with any questions that pop into your thoughts.

Gently watch ready to see anything.  Now it may be the 1st time you do this or the 100th time.  You will see a flickering deep blue flame of indigo or a dancing lights of violet or green.  Allow the different colours to pass your eyes like a parade of flashes or allow them to steady themselves in your sight.  Feel yourself merge with the colours. This dancing light is the centre of your soul.  This light is your aura, your electromagnetic field, your energy.  This is your aura that surrounds you, moves through you and encompasses your body.  This energy is you.  Say hello to your soul. You can review Chakras in February 2014 and Colours in March 2014.