Freedom from Dependencies

At some point most of you have had a thought that it would be nice if someone else could take care of your needs.  And yet you know that to be reliant on something or someone can be physically or psychologically habit forming.  For example, that reliant can be a religion, government or even your job.  You may just panic believing that you have needs you cannot possible met on your own.

If your social structure was taken away, you could be without the means to meet challenges, overcome obstacles or even make decisions.  How can you use your present structure as tools for your convenience, rather than that structure use you. You know you are interdependent in the sense that no one can exist alone.  But how can you not be dependent on the other in a sense that you do not need them to survive.

Educate yourself and seek regular spiritual inspiration and sustenance for your soul.  Practice some form of silent listening whether that may be meditation, prayer or play your favourite music.  Exercise your body to help your mind to take in new data.  Eat well to help your body and mind support you to live a joyous life.

Go within and ask yourself if what you are doing is creating harmony for your body, mind and soul.   Unless you take preventative action to help yourself, circumstance will arise that you will have no choice as to what direction your health or your life will take.  Be flexible.  We do not live in a black-and-white world.  There are multiple shades of grey and that standing firm in any position rarely serves anyone least of all your life.