Cultivating Awareness

Spiritually you know that all things that occur in your life will produce the highest outcome for all concerned.  You know that all outcomes are perfect just as they are exactly as they present themselves.  So how do you become aware of your awareness and then go beyond it.   This is like seeing your reflection in a mirror, in a mirror.  If you want to cultivate your awareness, then pay a greater attention to what you mind is focusing on. 

When your mind and your soul carry the same data, have the same idea and possess the same perspective on life, you might be said to be fully conscious.  Being fully conscious can be like jumping from the bottom of the stairs to the top without stepping on the levels in between.  So let it be okay being in and out of being there and then not being there. Periodically stop what you are doing and ask yourself ‘What am I aware of as I look back on my thoughts’.  Hear what you hear and feel what you feel in the moment.  Sometimes it may be easier to take small steps along the way.

Hope is like wishful optimism.  It allows you to acknowledge the possibility that something may or may not occur.  It gets you onto the right path towards awareness.  Faith helps you to cross the border of doubt to put trust in your convictions.  Faith lifts your level of optimism from wishful thinking.  It helps you to feel confident that a particular outcome will materialize.  However believing something is one thing knowing it is another.  You want to be so certain of your outcome that trust is not even part of the equation and belief has been left behind long ago.  You want to know with certainty that every outcome whatever it might be is the perfect next step in your personal evolution.  

Observe, observe, observe your language around situations and circumstances.  Words carry energy and words repeated over and over again, create a mind-set that can have a long-term effect on your thinking.  Slowly over time eliminate ‘I hope, to I feel, to I have faith, to I know’.  Become less and less requiring of a particular outcome and more and more relaxed around whatever outcome occurs.  Let ‘I know that everything will turn out perfectly’ to be your favourite phrase.

Use a trio of thought, visualization and feeling to create your outcomes.  Picture a particular event in your mind.  Visualise and feel that event actually happening.  Let go of expectations and requirements in setting your intentions.  Once you have stated your desire, drop any idea that it has to happen a certain way and only that way.  Say ‘thank you to your god and spirit for this outcome’ and meant it!!!