Mastering your Inventions

All the things we desire to invent begins with an idea of some sort.  This is the moment of conception when we give birth to a new thought.  The mind takes a look at the idea and examines it minutely. How we perceive it and evaluate it in our mind will determine how we experience it.  We say to ourselves “Is this a good idea or bad idea, is this functional or dysfunctional, is it possible or is it impossible, shall we do it or not do it and step back.”

The challenge arises when you see what you perceive as the opposite to what you want to create and you doubt yourself.  You imagine that you are moving in the wrong direction, doing the wrong thing and attempting to produce the wrong outcome.  More often than not just the opposite is true. You feel that the moment you come to a decision about something, you are suddenly bombarded by obstacles at every turn. 

At that moment you have an idea, you bring together a contextual field of contrasting elements.  You do this because you want to see what you are dealing with and to experience it.  Think of the invention tests on a reality show like ‘Master Chef.’  Do you perceive hot and cold as opposites or are they the same element but on a sliding temperature or colour scale.  And is it not true that sometimes what you see is nothing but an illusion.  Sometimes when you experience a certain thing, it can be entirely different to what you originally thought.  So how do you determine your level of stick-ability, to get together the right mix of ingredients.

You know, more than one person has aborted a great idea after it was conceived but before it was given birth.  They did so because they came face to face with what they thought was an opposition rather than an opportunity.  Those obstacles may have been signposts indicating that you are moving in the right direction.  Remember, you are experiencing a contextual field because you chose to manifest it.  When blockages appear it may be proof that you are on the right path and to only make minor adjustments. 

If you feel the opposite of your creations keep popping up over months or years, recheck your beliefs. There may be something you are holding back that prevents you from moving forward.  You may be moving in the right direction but doing your invention the wrong way or at the wrong time.  So how do you know whether to plough ahead or take a different path.  You may honestly feel that you are doing nothing that renders your latest wish impossible. 

It may be a ‘soul sign’ from your other self that may be signalling your present self.  You may have tried this particular thing before in another physical life and it did not work out very well.  Your soul may be warning you so that you can change your mind, or you may want to plough ahead to master the lesson this time.  For those who believe in reincarnation, could it also be possible that you have lived this lifetime more than once. 

Spiritually you exist at all places along a time line simultaneously in past present and future.  You are all gifted with being allowed to repeat any particular lifetime many times as a means to move closer to your spiritual mastery.  And a part of your soul can connected with another soul to surround a physical being in the same life. Thus you may have encounter moments of déjà vu that stops you short.  Moments that you know you have experienced before and can describe the incident in great detail.  Or you may have met someone who also believes that they were ‘Mozart’ in a previous life.

Spiritually you have a part of yourself in the future, a self in the present and a self in the past.  In fact a part of yourself at present may be a lot larger than you think.  You may feel a connection with someone on a soul partner level.  This déjà vu with a soul mate who is either male or female, may be you connecting to another part of the essence of you.  What you are currently experiencing and remembering depends on the consciousness of the expression of yourself.  It may be possible that you are giving directions to yourself as to how best you can proceed with the agenda of your soul. 

It does not matter whether you accept or embrace the concept of reincarnation and soul mates.  The main point is, to what level are you prepared to persevere and commit to your goals and yourself.  The trick is to know when to hold onto your invention and when to let go.  And people will call it magic when magic appears.  Remember when you first saw the ‘light bulb’ magically bloom before your eyes.

Know that you are one with your God and your consciousness is truly expansive to the point where it can include all experiences of all your times as a soul.  There is a part of your mind that can access that part of your soul that knows all your adventures.  Allow the opposites of what you are seeking to experience to present itself.  Remember and focus on your ultimate invention, to keep realigning back to what it is you want to master.

Come to the edge, Life said. They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge, Life said. They came. It pushed them ... And they flew.
— Guilliame Apollinaire
I can never find the thing that does the job best until I find the ones that don’t.
— Thomas A Edison
It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.
— Albert Einstein