Numerology Month Vibration for July

This is the month to take care of loose ends.  Relationships that have been rocky of late will reach critical mass, to be worked out and deepened, or separated entirely.  Avoid confrontations.  Work with issues quietly and patiently. It is an excellent period to look inward and acknowledge your own needs and desires.  Let go of all that you have outgrown, including people, situations and material objects. 

This is a transition period.  You will likely experience deep emotions, even nostalgia and melancholy.  At times you may feel exhausted. There is a cleansing and healing taking place at a very deep and personal level.  You may not be entirely conscious of all that is happening and consequently you may not be able to express your feelings to others.  You may sense that you do not fully understand yourself.  Give it time and much will be revealed to you.

An opportunity to be involved in a good cause may present itself.  Your sacrifice will actually help you achieve stability and inner strength. This is a good time financially.  Some payment may be received for something you'd forgotten, or for reasons you do not expect.  This is a month that requires balance between your own needs and the service to others.