Numerology Day Vibration from 1st to 31st August

August 1)  Opportunity to be of service.  A heart to heart talk solves personality conflict.

August 2)  Inspired and optimistic. Important letter or phone call.

August 3)  Tie up loose ends. Long-term endeavours are favoured.  Avoid confrontations.

August 4)  Trust your intuition. Travel favoured.  Be social .  You meet someone interesting.

August 5)  Romance is strong.  A friend or family member needs your help and advice.

August 6)  Quiet day, contemplative. Need for patience. 

August 7)  Money matters resolved.  This is a good day to sign a contract or finalize a deal.

August 8)  Doubts about decisions taken earlier.  Problems with someone close to you. 

August 9)  Push your ideas, start new projects.  Others look at you for direction. 

August 10)  You become involved in a dispute and play the role of mediator successfully. 

August 11)  Communication is crucial.  Lack of focus, scattered but creative.

August 12)  Show others, they can depend on you, but don't make promises you cannot full fill.  Don't procrastinate.

August 13)  Change in work environment.  Unexpected events may include travel.  Social event may bring self-indulgence.  Discipline is needed.

August 14)  Family matters need to be rectified.  Old friend brings good news.  Younger person needs your help.  Give of yourself.

August 15)  Confrontation with loved one.

August 16)  Good for business, signing contracts. Recent conflict healed.

August 17)  Feelings of accomplishment.  Opportunity for healing mind and body. 

August 18)  Project finished, start of new endeavour. 

August 19)  Focus on relationships in work and personal life.  Opportunity to help. 

August 20)  Help from unexpected source.  News from distant source. 

August 21)  Possibility for major opportunity.  Rely on what you know, don't take someone else's word for it.  Avoid emotional Confrontations.

August 22)  Restlessness.  Need to be in playful company. 

August 23)  Not good for negotiations.  Practical family matters need attention. 

August 24)  Strong spiritual overtones.  Good day for nature walk.

August 25)  Justice from above.  Generosity.  Not a good day for gambling. 

August 26)  Recent trouble in relationship diffused.  Tact and wisdom.  Good day for learning.  Shifting of priorities.  Don't commit to long-term plans.

August 27)  Focus on money matters.  Domestic squabbles.  Commitment broken.

August 28)  Revelations.  Dreams with messages.  Keep your feet on the ground.

August 29)  You feel an important change, but are not yet clear about it's true nature.  Don't try to analyse yourself.  Romance favoured.

August 30)  Accomplishment in work.   Routine matters need to be handled.  Moral issues.

August 31)  Feelings of freedom.  Self-indulgence.  Lack of concentration and application.