Personality Types

There are four personality types that we use to navigate life and to communicate with our spiritual guides.  We all have these spiritual tools but will use one as our main means of communication.  The Inner Knowing type is an outstanding manager, requiring a sense of control and has a prophetic nature.  The Intuitive type is strong in leadership and needs to be excited with challenges.  The visionary type often sees details missed by others and display strong empathetic tendencies.  The Feeler type enjoys creating with their hands being very patient and will go at their own pace.  

People with a strong sense of Inner Knowing tend to think a lot about the future.  They like to plan ahead with an emphasis on security and personal control.  Being highly perceptive they grasp the overall situation quickly and are keen to help others develop their potential.  When out of balance this individual can be moody with a tendency to allow others to influence their behaviour.  They can be critical of everything, overly doing things for people and then be possessive.  You may see them think out aloud as they talk to themselves as a means of being organised.

The balanced Intuitive needs to understand the situation before they can accept the challenge.  Once accepting a task they will dedicate themselves to complete the purpose.  Being a good organiser they are frank, honest and direct.  When out of balance they have difficulty handling pressure.  They tend to hold resentment and favour the ‘silent treatment’ to get what they want.  This person will think a lot in words and ideas.  They have clairaudient or clear-hearing tendencies and will often carry on a mental conversation with themselves.  

The balanced Visionary type has a good eye for detail and grasps the overall situation easily.  Artistic and neat in appearance, they can easily place themselves in another person’s situation and visualise what they see.  When unbalance they become disorganize with complicated details and disillusionment, developing a headache to gain sympathy.  They can get into the worry mode, be easily upset and then get involved in other people’s problems.  This type is often known as clairvoyant or clear-seeing, having a photographic mind they think in pictures.  

When the Feeler is in balance they have lots of patience and concentration that help them notice things in greater detail.  They have a hands on healing touch along with psychometry, often preferring to embrace people they meet.  The unbalanced feeler can be defensive with suggestions and criticism.  They can become emotional, causing friction and lean on others for dependency.  The Feeler often responds to life by how they feel and often pick up other people’s aches thinking they are their own.

How you approach life often depends on how you hear the conversation from others including your communication with your guardian angels.  You can catch the person high in a Prophetic nature often say ‘I know’ you do not have to go into great detail.  The Intuitive type will often impatiently say  ‘I understand’ just give me the facts.  When the Visionary gets the ‘picture’ they will often say ‘I see’ the overall details.  Now the Feeler processes life through sensations and will patiently ‘get a feeling’ for a situation before they will agree to anything.