Love is often regarded as the highest medium of communication.  When the time has come to pass over to the other world of spirit, loved ones already deceased will show their presence to you.  Your loved ones passed will find a way to comfort and reassure you that they will be there to greet you if you want them to.  All the wisdom you have collected this life and those souls you wish to greet you at the door of Heaven is at your command.  At the moment of death you will know that you are not the body, nor the mind.  It is your soul that has control of your life agenda, of who you are and what it is you wish to create and experience whilst you have a physical body.

At the first opportunity in the afterlife, you will learn to provide aid and comfort to those you have left behind in the physical world.  As you reorient yourself to your new existence you begin to understand that you no longer have a physical body.  What remains is the ethereal body along with your mind and soul.  The ethereal body can influence loved ones for a further 3 years.  As the ethereal body disintegrates, the mind can still influence loved ones for a further 7 years.  The length of time the ethereal body and mind can influence loved ones is a guide rather than a rigid process. 

After about 10 years, your soul is finally released to return to pure spirit.  Until that point of disintegration, you are naturally drawn to comfort loved ones in the physical world.  They might smell your favourite cologne or hear your favourite song.  Maybe out of nowhere you might place a wallet, a picture or a piece of jewellery in front of them.  Just when they are missing you the most, they may suddenly see an item that reminds them of you.  These things just don’t happen by accident.

In the afterlife you are never more than a thought away from your loved ones who are grieving for you.  You will be at their side the instant you feel their pain, ready to comfort them.  In spirit you feel their stress and eagerly send a little message to let them know that everything is fine.  You will instantly fly to your loved one the moment you sense the slightest disturbance in their auric field. 

Do not imagine that whatever people think or say, that you in the afterlife will not hear it. The slightest thought they have about you will bring your consciousness flying to them.  As you slowly readjust to your new life in spirit you begin to realise that your loved ones do not need you, nor do you need them.  You begin to realise that your essence in their presence compounds their grieving process.  As you begin to understand that you can never lose those you love, you begin to let go of their essence.  You know your loved ones everywhere will always reside in your heart and soul and you in them.