Psychic Ability

Your psychic ability is your intuition, sixth sense and inner knowing.  We are all psychic but some of us chose not to use it.  Psychic power is about tapping into a larger truth and sensing a different energy.  You may get an intuitive hit and not act on it, or a hunch but chose to ignore it, or an inspiration or dream but you’ll let it pass.  Trust your first impression and act on what you know or let your mind or your fear talk you out of it. 

Your psychic muscles are your hunches, your feelings and every intuitive hit you have experienced. The more you act on your vision the more it well serve you.  All thought is energy.  Sometimes the vibrations form a picture or words in the mind.  These energies are very light, subtle and fleeting.  Like the dimmest flicker of an image at the corner of your eye that you swore was there, but when you look at it head on, it is gone.  The sensitivity of a soul can pick up the faintest vibrations in the energy waves and interpret them.

Every thought sends off an energy wave. Every feeling resides in the soul.  The Psychic can tell you what you are thinking by picking up your energy vibration.  Past, present and future are occurring all at once in the field of energy.  The Psychic feels or sees the picture as a shiver of feeling and allows that message to come through as untouched as possible.  And people described the incident as clairvoyancy.

The Clairvoyant has merely offered you a glimpse of one of many possibilities.  Another choice could have easily been made.  It’s all a matter of perception.  When you change your perception, you change your thought, and your thought creates your reality.  We all get what we create which is not always what we ask for.  The Clairvoyant sees the choices you are making about tomorrow and sees that played out in your energy field.  But it does not have to be that way.  You can choose again and change the outcome, and change the experience you’ve already had.