Energy flow through your body

Located around your body are energy centres called Chakras.  When the universal energy enters your body it begins its journey at the Crown Chakra located at the top of the head.  The energy then flows through your body to the other chakras and out through your Third Eye located at your forehead.  The Crown Chakra is associated with self acceptance and having a conscious detachment from personal emotions.  It is usually associated with the colour violet for enlightenment and white for balance.  It has healing qualities that stimulate the spleen area and often helps you to meditate, reflect and absorb spiritual information. 

The Crown Chakra is the centre for channelling spiritual energy and a flow of wisdom from a higher consciousness.  When this chakra is low in energy you may be having challenges to do with obsession, injustice and punishment.  This chakra helps you to open up your awareness, trust your first impressions and find your vision in life.  It helps you to see the truth in what limits you and to realise that you do have choices in your pursuits.  The crown chakra is the centre which recharges the cerebrum, and pineal gland.

From the Crown, the energy flows down your back to the base of your spinal cord.  The Base Chakra has the colour red for vitality, action and willpower and is associated with your wants in material aspirations and goals.  The red helps you to stimulate your metabolism for strength, leadership and courage.  When the energy is low in this chakra you may be having feelings of being all tied up inside and frustrated with destructive tendencies.  This chakra relates to tired blood, easing tension and anxiety brought on by stress or depression.

From the Base, the energy travels around your body and up to the Spleen Chakra located below the navel.  This chakra is about exercising self discipline to achieve your needs.  It has the colour orange for courage to reach out on a limb for your desires with integrity and wisdom.  When the energy is low in this chakra, seek ways to increase your creative qualities and self confidence.  You may be having challenges to do with ignorance, aggression or self-importance.  Feelings of competitiveness, possessiveness, nervousness or anxiety occur when this chakra is under pressure.  This chakra revitalises the stomach region and remains relaxed so long as there is a feeling of being one with all things.  

From the Spleen, the energy continues its journey to the Solar Plexus just above the stomach.   This chakra has the colour yellow for self identity and to look at ways to digest your challenges in your life.  Yellow stands for lightness and cheerfulness to enliven and comfort you in times of melancholy, depression and weariness.  When this centre is out of balance there are often issues to do with scepticism, critical behaviour, stubbornness and frustration.  You may be questioning your life, what you are here to achieve and your life purpose.  Search for different ways to have more fun and joy to increase your creative abilities.  

From the Solar Plexus, the energy journeys to the heart of your inner drive, challenges and incentives.  The Heart Chakra has the colour green for growth, strength and regeneration.  Use the colour green to soothe, to find balance, acceptance and honesty.  When this chakra is out of balance there may be issues to do with jealousy, pessimism, envy and discontent.  You may be searching for ways to feel thoughts and emotions more deeply with greater honesty.  This chakra radiates love, compassion and understanding, hence it provides a sprinkling of warmth to all the other charkas.  It also has the colour pink which represents caring, empathy and unconditional love.

From the Heart, the energy flows to the Throat Chakra.  This chakra is the centre of communication or lack of it.  It has a cooling vibration to relax inflammations and is good for menopausal complaints.  It’s healing and soothing properties help relax nervousness and is good for rest and recreation.  When this chakra is disharmonious you may be overly tired, depressed, lack interest in things or are indulging in self-pity.  The words that relate to this chakra are healing, calm, relaxed, peaceful, sensitive and cautious.

From the Throat, the energy journeys to the Third Eye Chakra located at the forehead between your eyes.  This is where the universal energy will outflow from your body after travelling through all your other chakras.  It has the deep blue colour of Indigo and aids your psychic energy flow to inspire, heal and visualise your passion.  When the energy at this chakra is low, you may have issues with arrogance and control.  Look at ways to increase your intuition, creative and artistic thoughts.

What you think affects the flow of energy through your charkas.  Emotions and negative thoughts tend to block the energy flow.  You may feel these negative thoughts and feelings in your body as tension, stress, muscle aches and pains.  Your physical body is a direct reflection of your state of consciousness.  Positive thoughts, smiling and staying focused keeps the energy around you high and flowing in harmony.  Ask yourself what are the keys in your life to keep your energy positive and balanced.  Through challenges you will understand yourself at a deeper level and realise the importance of setting goals.