Getting Back on Track

If you want your life to take off you need to imagine your life the way you want it to be.  Ask yourself what it would feel like to be living your highest vision?  Look at the differences between where you are now and where you want to be.  You need to apply some mental and physical effort to monitor your every thought, word and action.  And to look at the things you have been doing unconsciously to sabotage your life. 

When you catch yourself thinking a thought that is not who you are, change your thought right there and then.  When you say words out of alignment with your ideas, make a note not to say something like that again.  When you do a thing that is not in your best intention, decide to make that thing the last time you do it.  Then make it right with whoever was involved with those actions if you can.

Be sincere with yourself, for example if you are ‘unhappy’ it is pointless to lie.  It’s your story about trying not to admit that you are ‘unhappy’ that is debilitating.  It’s your thoughts about ‘this is horrible’ and ‘I don’t have any friends’ that determines how long you stay ‘unhappy.’  It’s your actions around feeling sorry for yourself and not trying to find a way out because ‘what’s the use,’ that creates your reality.  This condition of how long you stay ‘unhappy’ depends on you. 

Your first impression on how you see, look and perceive an incident creates your first thought.  After your first thought, your first word becomes your first action.  Everything you say is a thought expressed.  For your life to take off you need to choose for your life to take off.  Is your thought about yourself good enough for you?  Go to the highest thought about yourself.  Image yourself as who you would be if you lived that thought every day.  Imagine what you would think, do, say and how you would respond to what others think, do and say.  For your energy will attract the same ‘like’ energy.