Your Soul Purpose

The sole purpose of your soul is to evolve.  The soul does not care what you do and neither will you when you pass over to the other side.  The soul sees the whole life and death process differently.  When the time has come for the soul to make the decision to leave, nothing the body can do nor the mind can think that can change the outcome.  The dense part of your physical body dies and disintegrates and like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, you change form.  All your life you think you are your body and you think you are your mind.  It is at the time of your death that you really find out who is in control. 

The main concern of the soul is not the survival of the physical body and worldly success but the growth of the spiritual.  You are a tri-part being made of body, mind and spirit.  Upon the death of your body you change form and leave your most dense part behind but retain your outer shell.  The outer shell, the ethereal body increases its vibration and along with the mind (not to be confused with your brain) goes with your soul into the world of spirit.  In the spiritual world, the ethereal body, mind and soul join into one energy mass with three distinct characteristics. 

If you desire to listen to your soul, stop making judgments against yourself.  The emotions you experience when you feel stressed out, comes from not listening to one’s soul.  Your soul purpose whilst you surround your physical body, is to experience every human feeling and emotion from love through to fear.  The soul wants to experience all of it, for the sole purpose so that it can be all of it.  Time is not important.  The soul is only interested in the feelings that you experience from the accumulated memories of many past lives.  And what you gain as wisdom whilst in your body this life.