How to Love Your Drama

Everyone can love everything they do the moment they understand what they are doing and why.  The actions of your body are reflections of your state of being.  As a soul you are here on earth to experience your life as you choose it to be. There may have been many times when you have said ‘I don’t know’ and yet you still have to make a decision.  What if you made the wrong choice?  Sometimes your actions are without reward or approval or even without anyone noticing your achievements.  

So why try and who needs it.  What is the incentive given that it may have taken hundreds of past lives and more future lives to get anywhere?  If you have personal responsibilities, you may want to allow what you do to speak out as the person you are.  That way it will help you stay out of resentment towards those you may imagine are keeping you from your joy.  

If you gain wisdom this life it is because you want to, not because you have to.  Remember the last movie you went to.  Did you not think it was good or bad because of how it made you feel or reflect upon life?  So love your drama until you don’t anymore.  The moment you cease to entertain your drama, will be the moment you decide to change how you feel.