Your Thoughts About Money

If you want more money you will produce nothing more than the wanting of it.  The very act of wanting something will push it away from you.  Instead of thinking I want something have a thought that you already have it.  But affirmations only work when you believe that your statement is something you know to be true, not a statement of I want it to be true. A thought word or action continuously expressed becomes just that.  Over time it will be expressed as your physical reality.  

Let us say that you have a thought that money is bad and you also carry a thought that God is good.  This will make it difficult on a subconscious level for you to take money for anything good.  So do you think that things you place a high intrinsic value must come cheaply?  Do you love money yet you say money is the root of all evil?  Do you dislike what you do for a living so they don’t mind taking lots of money for it?  Do you see the wealthy doing good things therefore they must be manipulating society?

If a part of you rejects money and part of you resents not having it.  Do you see the conflict?  Your unconscious self does not know what to do about receiving two different thoughts from you.  So your life with regard to money goes in fits and starts because you keep going in fits and starts about money. With no clear focus the universe acts like one big copy machine and produces multiple copies of your thoughts.

To change your thoughts, try taking action on what you want to have the new thought about.  Then say the words of your new thought.  If the thought you have about money does not feel true for you then think of a thought that you can accept, like ‘my abundance is coming to me now’ or ‘ or all things will lead to my success in obtaining more money.’  Do this often enough and you will train your mind to think in a new direction.  Would it not be better for you to manipulate your own mind rather than someone else do it for you?  First act successful, then say the words you truly believe will reflect your success and think the words of success. 

Create your own good luck rather than your own good grief.  Allow your abundance to come from inner knowing and not as an attempt to produce results.  Have a thought that all results have already been produced.  Thank the Universe in advance for its deliverance and do not think it will not happen.  Be grateful for what you are learning and gaining through your experiences.  Make sure your every thought word and action reflects your awareness.  If there is something in your life you would like then choose it rather than the wanting it.