A Balanced Life

Think for a moment of life as one big learning lesson.  Like any learning lesson you tend to like it when you understand the rules. If there is anything you dislike it is when you have not taken the time out to find out what is going on in your environment.  If you accept and understand yourself as an individual you will be the same towards others. The only thing that will keep you from putting it all together is your own lack of sincerity.  We get out of life exactly what we put into it.

In order to move with direction you need to operate between your thoughts and your feelings.  If you think a lot but fail to put your ideas into practice you are just daydreaming. If you take action without thinking about what you are doing, you will repeat your mistakes and you will end up going around in circles. To have purpose you need to balance your life with what you are thinking and what you are feeling. To achieve clarity try developing a habit of obtaining a thought for every feeling and a feeling for every thought.