States of Awareness

Think of five of your best friends and draw up a list of what you consider are their strengths and faults. Chances are that the area they fit most is where you are at this moment.  When you recognise something in someone that you admire or dislike then you have that in you too.  If there is something negative you recognise but that does not bother you then maybe you had that once but have outgrown it. 

A balanced state is when you have a thought for every feeling and a feeling for every thought. The balanced person knows where he comes from, where he is going and who he wishes to be.  This person knows that the only person who is going to keep him from being successful is himself.  The overly intellectual person will analyse and dissect everything and demand proof. He can solve complicated analytical problems but has difficulty expressing how he honestly feels. The overly helping person is too much in his feelings and often lacks direction.  This person can often fulfil other people’s needs and desires but put their own ambitions last.

Do not think you can solve your problems just by changing your environment.  If your state of awareness has not changed, your old problems will follow you to your new job or new home.  If you feel things are going your way then it is most likely you are on track with your life.  If you feel you are confronted with one challenge after another then consider changing the pattern of what you are doing.  Trust that life will always reward you to the level of effort you are willing to place into creating who you wish to be.