Your Life Cycle

They say that every 7 years we completely renew the cells of our body.  You are not the same person you were 7 years ago.  You have changed along with the members of your family and the people you know for better or for worse.  Along with the growth of your body, your mind and soul also have a different view of life because of the new experiences your body has encountered.  And your spiritual helpers are forever eager to pass on their wisdom to you with their flashes of inner knowing. 

The first 7 years of your life are the most important. This is when you are influenced by your parents and can take on their concepts and attitudes as your own.  This is where you lay the foundation of your personality and where most of your blockages are born.  In the years 21 to 28 a person moves into maturity. This is a period when your blockages from your first 7 years will start to surface and the time to deal with them.  People tend to establish a career, marriage and investments which are influenced by their parents, their cultural environment and friends.

From the years 49 to 56 is where you start to take inventory of your life. This can be the time when you really blossom and are more realistic and honest with yourself.  If a person is still struggling to discover who they are by the time they move into the cycle from 56 to 63, they may spiritually decide to pass on or begin to do their greatest work.  From about 63 onwards people tend to place a greater value on their time and appreciate the experience of the moment.  They take a closer look at discarding old patterns and illusions that are no longer true for them. 

In your wisdom you know that your body is only a temporary vehicle.  You understand that the most important thing to you is your spiritual unfoldment because that is the only thing you can take with you.  Like a farmer planting their crop, if you nurture your life and take on your challenges, you will have an abundant life in due season. If you neglect your crop and feel that the world owes you a living then most likely there will be many weeds and a lean harvest. The quality of your life is your choice and only you alone can control it.