Seeing the successful you

If you do not feel abundant, you may be trying to make it rather than earn it.  Successful people set their own pace and view success as something they have earned.  They believe that their goals are achievable and are not afraid to back themselves with commitment.  No matter what happens, they have already decided they are successful.  Trying to make it builds an internal pressure of stress and worry.

What you feel on the inside does not always show on the surface and acts of contradiction can lead to misunderstanding.  Hold onto your worry long enough and it will impact your health, your relationships and how you work.  Ignore it and the issues will come to the surface with such force that they will erupt like a volcano.  Grab your mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.  Understand that your life is not positive or negative but positive and negative.  See the qualities that you bring into your life as a matter of choice rather than a reaction.  

Successful people do not get into games of measuring their wealth with others.  They believe that through persistence on focusing on their choices they will succeed. If you feel something like money gives you trouble, then sooner or later trouble is what you will attract.  See your problems as invaluable tools that you may not want but need.  Release old habits that do not work for you so that new patterns can emerge.  Have the courage to take control of your life to make decisions and choose from alternatives.