Zones of Consciousness

A physical body is needed to anchor your soul on this planet so that you can learn through experience.  As long as you are here with a body you have the opportunity to mingle with all levels of awareness.  The zone of consciousness of a soul with a physical body is one of aspiration, action and achievement.  When your soul departs your body, your energy pattern will gravitate to a level of awareness where everyone has more or less the same level of consciousness.

The zone of consciousness beyond the vibration of action, are where souls without a body have thoughts that they are still involved in the material world.  They are blinded by their own bigotry and bewilderment and are only willing to accept their way of doing things.  They have created their own physical world without having a physical body so that they can still fight the rules they had encountered.  Their strong sense of right and wrong holds them in their ignorance because they do not know what it means to be happy.  They do things to annoy other souls so that they can gain recognition and attention. 

The next zone of energy beyond the vibration of action and bewilderment, are where souls have an energy pattern of confusion, cautiousness and competitiveness.  This is an energy zone of souls who never really became involved in the mainstream of life.  They liked to argue with others and brag about what they have done.  They then feel sorry about what they have not done.  These souls know they are going somewhere but do not know how to get there.  They are not clear in their direction and they are wish-washy and indecisive.  

When souls are indecisive they are afraid of commitment.  It is like sitting on the fence playing the waiting game for the master opportunity to come along.  True freedom starts with wanting to do things for yourself and to make your own decisions. When you are indecisive, you want the freedom but you do not want to pay the price in effort and responsibility.

The next zone of energy beyond the vibration of action, bewilderment and confusion are where the consciousness is one of spiritual freedom and wisdom.  At this level of awareness the soul has an energy vibration that is dedicated, determined and decisive.  Their energy is similar to when you have a pleasant experience in a dream and when you wake up you feel refreshed.  In a dream state your soul can travel great distances in a split second by desire.  There are many levels of vibration within the zone of determination.  Your spiritual helpers will have an energy pattern that vibrates within one of these levels. 

Having a higher state of consciousness is like owning real estate in the universe.  It is more difficult to throw your timing off as you have a much bigger picture of ultimate reality.  Your level of awareness makes it more difficult for you to fragment yourself.  The sole purpose of your guardian angels is to inspire you to increase your level of awareness and to guide you away from the bondage of ignorance.  Your spiritual guides are always with you to help you to understand who you are, where you came from and what you are doing on this planet as a soul.