The Need for Attention

If you need attention you can be easily manipulated because you are trying to please someone.  Resentfulness will build if you do not get what you want because you have allowed people to infringe too far into your personal boundary.  If you play the big shot role for attention you can easily become someone’s pawn.  It is easy to fall into the glory trap because people want to capture what you have and become devoted to you.  That is alright when you are living in a nice comfortable bubble of protection but when you are on a pedestal it is easy for you to topple.

When you try to maintain an image, you tend to lose sight of the big picture and look for acceptance outside of yourself.  You will develop a need for reward and unknowingly build a foundation for jealousy and envy.  When you set yourself up for glory you will be forever looking to see if someone is noticing you.  As long as you require an audience you will not be secure from within.  In seeking praise and approval from others you will always be trying to prove yourself.

Your craving to be the best and outdo everyone else will develop jealous tendencies of anyone who is more successful than you.  The irony is you will be controlled by you own need for success in the eyes of others and enslave yourself in the process.  If you do not receive attention you may become resentful, possessive or self destructive, trying to ruin it for everyone else out of spite.  Living the vibration of an inflated ego is a deadly trip down a bottomless pit.  You need to accept yourself first before you can find acceptance from others.