Too Much Pride

The more pride you have the more you will be operating within the boundaries of your intellect.  Pride is based on your emotions.  Your emotions are your intellectual feelings which are learned reactions.  When you have too much pride you will be afraid to assert yourself for fear of someone hurting you and too proud to admit you are confused.  You will defend yourself even though you are not sure you are right.  When things do not go the way you had them organised, your pride will be stimulated because of your expectations. 

If you have built a wall of protection around your true feelings, that wall will be composed of your emotions.  The more you become emotionally involved in any situation the more vulnerable you are to being hurt.  The degree to which you are hurt is the measure of how much pride you have.  People who are constantly organising their environment are using their intellect instead of their feelings.  A false sense of pride causes you to think you deserve things and that no one can do things better than you.  This stimulates a lack of patience which is the worst enemy you can have for your timing.  No matter how organised or how good your motives are, if you do not have patience, you will be doing the right thing at the wrong time or the wrong thing at the right time.  You will wonder why you feel left out.

To survive in the physical world you need a certain amount of pride but sometimes your true feelings can be pushed aside.  A person with too much pride will almost reach success and is just within the reach of great wisdom.  Then because of the fear of success you will do something to keep yourself from becoming successful.  Since you will not blame yourself because a proud person does not do that, you will blame someone else.  Your bad habits take control of the situation because you have left out your true feelings.  If you keep feeding your bad habits, your pride will also stimulate a fear of being found out.  It is like a chain reaction.  A person can have an abundant life as long as they are not controlled by it.  It is your inner feelings that is the real you.