Feelings of Devotion

In our society we are taught to lean on the theories of other people.  If you have this thought stimulated enough you will develop feelings of devotion to a person or a cause outside of yourself.  Your need to be needed can cause other people to be devoted to you.  This can lead to a two-way street with a dead end in either direction because you will both be controlled.  Devotion has associated feelings of power, expectation, control and manipulation. 

A person who is out of balance will not want anything to move without his approval.  He will manipulate the people around him and hurt himself in the process.  To feel important he will fragment the situation through little cliques of people who are devoted to him.  As you become ensnared in his web he will want power and influence over you.  This will give him a feeling of control to manoeuvre you with his judgement so that you will do what he wants.

Devotion is based on fear and dependency.  The moment you feel that someone will take care of you or you take care of them, there will be feelings of devotion because you want to please them.  It is all very nice being in an affectionate relationship with strong attachments but it might be wise to let there be some space between you and the other.  The major problem arises when one day the other ceases to be.  No matter what you do your behaviour affects everyone around you.