Experiencing What You Know

Life is a process by which your soul is seeking to experience what it knows and have a feeling for that.  It is along the spiritual path that your soul arrives at complete knowing and along the physical path that you achieve complete experiencing.  This is why you are living in two worlds right now, as both paths are needed to produce complete awareness.  Home is a place called completion however long that takes and when you ultimately have it all together.  Experiencing what you know and knowing who you are, is arrived in stages.  Each passage through a lifetime can be considered as one of those steps. 
It is the accumulative effect of reincarnation through many life times that produce what might be called absolute awareness.  Each passage through a life cycle comes to an end when the mission of that particular agenda has been completed.  In other words, your life ends when your soul feels it has achieved what you came into the physical body to experience.  You however may not be consciously aware of the larger agenda of your soul.  It is not about finding a path with fewer obstacles or a path less arduous than another.  It is about creating a path with conviction that even taking a path will make life easier. 
Many people are walking through their life having no thought of being on any path.   They have not paid any attention to their inner life nor explored such things as meditation or pray.  Just by experiencing areas outside of your comfort zone and looking at other possibilities you are creating a path with fewer obstacles.  It is irrelevant whether you travel a straight or curved road, or take a path through the woods to arrive at your truth.  You will have cleared many paths just by exploring life and living, and death and dying.
If you approach life with a fear of death or feel afraid of living, you are demonstrating that you do not know what you are doing.  The problem is you experience what you demonstrate.  The knowledge you gain in creating your awareness can only show you the way home but you must take the way home.  In the truest sense you are not on a journey.  You are already where you want to go but since you do not know this, you experience life like you ARE on a journey.  So you must take the journey to find out that the journey is not necessary.  The path begins and ends where you are right now.  

Take a path any path.  If you disagree with the words or the experience you encounter it will still lead you to your truth.  Take another path and still another until you find a way out of your maze and back home.  How you look at something creates how you see it.  If you look upon life including death as something special, you will see it as a treasure that will lead you to happiness.  If you look upon life as a tragedy, you may mourn it forever and receive nothing from it but constant grief.  When you do not feel like yourself it is not because you do not know who you are, it is because you are not experiencing yourself.  You must add experience to knowing to produce feeling.  Feeling is the language of your soul.  Your awareness is achieved through experiencing your feelings being who you really are.