Material Success

Most people equate success with the amount of material wealth they have accumulated. When you live your past glories you will be afraid to try something new for fear of making mistakes. You will want to hold onto things to give yourself security and the more tightly you hold onto things, the more controlling and tense you will be.   The more you fear the more you will become possessive and will tend to want many material possessions around you.  The greatest fear of all fears is the fear of separation from all your material possessions and the death of your physical body.  

If you are confused in your early years, your fear of separation becomes greater as you grow older and the symptoms increase.  On death, the only thing you leave behind is your physical body.  Everything else, your ethereal body, mind and soul goes with you into the world of spirit.  The moment you start to give advice to people, they become predisposed to what you think they should do.  This is why you may want to be careful when giving people advice.  Look at your motives.  The moment the other person does not follow your advice how upset are you?  Most people think they are afraid of failure but really it is a fear of success.  Successful relationships tend to carry greater responsibilities.  

The worst thing you can do to another person past or present is to yearn for them by thinking about them all the time and continuously sending them energy.  This is how you interfere with other people’s boundaries and the ones you will interfere with the most are your loved ones.  They will not know why they are experiencing uncomfortable feelings. If you have an inner need to be wanted, you will attract someone who will yearn for you.  The way to detach yourself from these feelings is to remember who you are and that no one can take anything from you or give you anything.  The best way to stop interfering with the state of consciousness of others is to respect them. 
There are three states of consciousness and that you can exist at any point in time. The balance state is when you have a thought for every feeling and a feeling for every thought. You know that the only person who is going to keep you from being a success is yourself.  The second state of consciousness is when you are too much in the intellect analysing and dissecting everything and demanding proof.  You can solve complicated analytical problems but will have difficulty expressing how you honestly feel. The third state of consciousness is when you lack direction and want to help everyone else.  You go around fulfilling other people’s desires and put your own ambitions last. 

Think of five of your best friends and draw up a list of what you consider are their strengths and faults. Match your friends to the three states of consciousness. Chances are that the area they fit most is where you are at this moment.  When you recognise something in someone that you admire or dislike you can be sure you have that in you as well.  On the other hand, if there is something negative you recognize in someone but that no longer bothers you then maybe you had it once and have outgrown it.

When you find yourself tied up in knots you are telling yourself there is something you do not understand. Close your eyes and visualise a situation that is pleasing and relaxes you.  Feel an intensity to desire it so much that you start to yearn for it.  If you visualise everything in front of you as an opportunity then you have given yourself opportunity.  When you build inner confidence you realise that you do not have to prove anything to anyone, nor will you allow personalities to get involved.  When you are upset or anxious you are having difficulty digesting what is happening around you.  Realise that you have a problem and not the other person.

Do not think you can solve your problems by moving to another job or city.  Changing your environment will not solve your issues if your state of consciousness has not changed.  If you feel things are going your way then it is most likely you are near your niche in life.  If you feel you are confronting one challenge after another then consider changing the pattern of what you are doing.  You will get out of life exactly what you put into it.  How committed are you to yourself.

Take a moment to write your thoughts on paper.  Ask yourself … 
“Is my physical body a direct reflection of my state of consciousness?”
“What are the things I need to do to keep my energy smooth?”
“How can I change the attitudes and beliefs that cause tension in my body?”
“As a soul with a physical body can I own anything or anyone?"