Our Learning Process

As human beings we tend to learn automatically because we are born with the wiring already in place.  We develop the means to communicate with other people of our kind not only with language but also with behaviour.  Some of the behaviours we turn into bad habits and some we turn into good habits. Our behaviours, our habits run automatically when they are memorised and programmed into our DNA and our mind for eternity.

Of course whenever we are learning something new it feels awkward.  But with practice we know we can very quickly acclimatise to behaviours that we persist in practicing.  Like riding a bicycle, we have to balance the steering, the pedalling, and think about other things at the same time which at first may seem impossible.  Then that magic moment occurs when it all comes together without effort.  From that point on for the rest of our lives we know we can always pedal and steer even if we have not ridden a bicycle for years.  

Being an optimist is a lot more than seeing your glass as half full.  Look outside the glass at where the liquid comes from and how it gets to where it is.  Look at the kind of containers that liquid can be placed in and how you can move it from here to there.  Be curious and imagine in what ways all sorts of things can be achieved that has never been done before.

All that creative imagination is already stored in your unconsciousness, your DNA, your habits.  This is what so called ‘successful people’ access and do naturally.  People who are successful in their chosen field of passion visualise the ‘world’ beyond what is, to beyond what could be.  Look beyond at how things got that way and how they can be better.  

They say the chains of the free are only in peoples mind.  Your fears, your doubts, your confusion, your habits, your compulsions, are all by-products of how you are thinking.  How you think dictates how you feel, you behave and how you live your life.  If you have fears, it is not at heights, spiders or meeting new people that scare you.  It is because you have learnt how to be afraid of heights, spiders and new people. 

They say babies are born with only two fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.  All other human fears are learnt.  So if you have learnt to be afraid, you can learn to be unafraid.  Can you see, feel or hear that in learning something one way, you can learn how to do it totally differently another way.  Be curious and allow your imagination to forge a new road.  It is more likely that the more flexible you are with which strategies to implement your creativity, the more likely you will experience the most pleasure and personal freedom.