Spiritual Success

People need to be the most important thing in your life because without other people there is no personal growth.  You will either be involved with people, be dormant or give up your physical body and pass on.  The more you are aware, the higher your energy frequency will be.  On a spiritual level, you can always move to a lower frequency but souls of a higher frequency need to come to your level to relate to you.  You need to learn to play the game of society and that means living in two worlds at once, the material and the spiritual. 
When you decide what you want to do with your life, you can then mould it into a form of useful service. That is why it is important to plan ahead and obtain positive outcomes to give your life meaning.  Having enough money to spend will not be your greatest challenge.  Your greatest challenge will be to decide what you want to achieve out of life.  To grow into what feels right for you takes cautiousness and discipline to stay alert.  You are the only one who can keep you from your success.  The moment you want praise you will attract blasé people who feel you owe them a living.

Most people make decisions based on an intellectual evaluation only to leave out their true feelings.  They do things because they think they should.  When the intellectual part of you is too organized and your feelings do not know what they are feeling, you have mixed emotions and your decisions will be confused. Analysing and dissecting a situation is a means of protection, as your defence mechanism is attempting to process things through your conscious mind.  One of the reasons your feelings will be left out is because you are staying in the mind.  You will automatically talk yourself out of things even before you have the chance to experience them.  

There is nothing you have not experienced before whether you are conscious of it or not.  This is why trusting yourself is very important and trusting your spiritual guidance.  If you stand on your personal feelings and guidance you will act out of inner sincerity.  Your first loyalty is to yourself because you cannot give anyone anything you do not already have.  Your second loyalty needs to be with the people closest to you as they will help you in your spiritual growth.  Your third loyalty is creating a harmonious environment around you so that you can concentrate on being one with yourself.
When you respect all things you will not give too much knowledge to others at the wrong time or give too many insights before people are ready.  When your loyalty goes outside of yourself you will start looking to others for acceptance.  When you feel you cannot do without something you may think that need can be supplied by someone else.  You may feel your survival depends on what someone else is going to do for you.  It is better to think that no one can give your anything because you already have everything you need for survival.  No matter how many hang-ups you have the important thing to remember is to stay relaxed calm and collected.