Do You Thrive or Just Survive?

Are you one of those people who thrive, or are you one of those who just survive.  I doubt if there is anyone who has said that they love problems and yet many have admitted that their greatest gain came from the middle of their pain.  Each time we encounter a painful experience, we get to know ourselves and our friends a little better.  Pain prompts us to face who we are and forces us to acknowledge where we are at present.  What we do with that experience defines who we become as a person.  We know life is filled with ups and downs and yet we all want ups and ups of which we also know is not possible.

As we age and physically grow old we know we do not stay the same.  Life’s challenges do not allow us to stay the same.  So which path have you taken?  Have you become a better person because of your situation, or have you grown bitter?  How resilient are you to the tough times? Most successful people will point to the difficult experiences in their lives as key gains in their journey of development.  If you desire to become more consciously aware of yourself, your loved ones and your environment, then make a commitment to manage your bad experiences well.

Getting old can be the best thing that could have ever happened to you.  If for nothing else than to just simply appreciate the miracle of seeing the world with joy.  To marvel at the stillness of the freshness of the air you are breathing.  To have appreciation, gratitude and less tolerance for pettiness and superficial pursuits.  Being humble arouses the creative juices and positive vibes to fire you up to attract even more positive vibes and positive people.  To appreciate the way life is and not get caught up in the way life is supposed to be.

Start your day with meaning, with purpose, with great delight and lots of passion.  If you feel you do not thrive for the love of life, then there are a number of things you can consider when just surviving is not an option.  You need to acknowledge to yourself that your behaviour is no longer acceptable. You need to place some value on the urgency to change.  The reason for change has to be good enough so that your new vision of your world is superior than the image you have now.

All habits determine your success or failure.  You need to plan a strategy if you desire to change the triggers that produce your unwanted patterns.  You need choices of how you are going to deal with the new challenges and how to identify with your new seeds of behaviour.  How you want to feel from now on, needs to outweigh how you had felt in the past.  All events and circumstances in your life have come to you as a result of the choices and the decisions you had made.   And will forever make into the future.