Taking Control

We tend to trap ourselves by the way we run our mind.  Through our five senses, we take in the information from our environment and interpret that through images, internal dialogue, sensations, tastes and smells.  The way we represent our world internally, determines the way we feel, what we do and reflects our automatic habitual way of thinking.  Taking control of our life, creating our dreams and desires, stems from the way we think.  It is the fertiliser we place on our seeds toward success.  How we feel, reflects our mental state of being at any given moment.

All your thoughts are made up of images, sounds and feelings.  Once you become aware of how you formulate your thoughts you gain the ability to change them.  Think of someone who annoys you.  What are the qualities of that image in your mind.  How large is your picture, where is it located, is the image multi coloured.  Now take that image and change the colour, location and size to its opposite.  For example, if the image is large, make it small, if the image is located in front of you, place it to the side of you and at a distance, if the image is multi coloured, make it black and white.  

Here is the great secret … you have the ability to change how you feel … if you are annoyed and you are not aware of it … it will not work … it is that simple …

The qualities of your mental image can be easily altered, to affect your experience of these images.  You can also take something that makes you feel good and make it bigger, brighter and bring it closer to you, so that your feelings of it are more intense.   Whenever you think of something, you run movies of it in your mind.  You can’t avoid it.  That is the way your mind and everyone else’s mind works.    

When you feel bad, take your image and make it small, black and white and move it further away from you.  If the internal voices are loud, turn the volume down, if the smells make you feel sick, imagine different smells if you can’t move to a different location.  Take the things that make you feel good and make them big and bigger, bright and vivid.  What you are doing is teaching your mind to make good things feel stronger and bad feelings feel weaker.