Following Your Heart


Remembering that one day you are going to die, is one way to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose if you do not follow your heart.  This will help you make the big choices in life because almost everything, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure, will just fall away in the face of death.  Growing old and passing away is a destination we all share.  

Death is life’s change agent that clears out the old to make way for the new and right now the new is you.  So, would it not be in your best interest, to lead the most healthiest, the most rewarding, the most meaningful life possible.  Hold hands with loved ones and friends, listen to their woes, assist with their ailments if you can, help them overcome their fear of illness, their challenges and the reality of dying.

Reflect of what you might say to your family and friends about who you are, what you want to achieve, when you want to reach your goals and why you want to do what you do.  Talk honestly from the heart, about your journey on life, about dying, about death, as a journey of hope, achievement and satisfaction.  Look back on your life at what you have achieved so far with gratitude.  

If you want more control over how you feel and what you do, consider changing the way you think which will change the way you interact with your loved ones and friends.  Go dial a ‘wakeup call’ if necessary to find your passion or how to manage your life more efficiently.  Take a look at how successful people do things, how they got over things, how they got through things and how they got to things.  Take a look at yourself at what needs to happen for you to manage your thoughts.

We know that having a passionate career is the ideal situation but that is irrelevant if you do not get around to doing it.  If you wait until one day to do it, then your life does not have the freedom that you want.  It’s about achieving this freedom so that you can have control of your life.  Your mind is running all the time, it’s either going to run in the direction you want it to go or its going to run all over the place.  So go manage your thoughts, your time and your sleep or learn how to do it.  

When you make great big goals, whether you get to them or not, it is the things that happen along the way that makes life wonderful.  It is the journey of the people you meet, the things that you accomplish or not.  The more you do not waste time going around in circles and fighting with yourself, the more you will get to do things and try things.