Creating Who I Am


When you are born you are endowed with a facet of divinity.  That means each one of you has a part of God that gives you knowledge of your immortality.  You have free will to be creative, make decisions and ultimately mould your destiny to create who you are.  

You know that your physical body is only a temporary vehicle for a certain number of months or years until you make that transition called death back to pure energy.  Each night when you dream whether you remember it or not, your soul ventures out of your body to be refreshed in the depths of the universe.  When you sleep it is your energy source that needs rejuvenating, not your body.  

To know who you are, you need to challenge yourself, confront your fears and ask ‘what do I need to do to trust my instincts and take action on how I feel’.  If you are patient you can get in touch with your silence for insights.  You do not have to climb a mountain, search for a guru or take a meditation course.  They may help you find the answers within but ultimately you need to trust yourself and your decisions.  

Visualise your life as exciting, a privilege, a gift of experiences, to remember that you have a wealth of inner resources and know that everything has purpose.  They say that one day when you make that transition back to pure energy you will be faced with something that looks like a television screen.  You will be given the opportunity to judge yourself and review all your actions, words and every thought.   They say that you will make your own heaven or hell by the way you have lived.  

You are never alone.  You are always surrounded by spiritual guides that love you unconditionally.  Your angels protect you and guide you along the path of life that you have chosen.  At times of great pain, sorrow or loneliness, you can tune into your guidance and become aware of their presence.  You can ask your guidance questions and your answers will come to you in your sleep, your dreams, when you mediate, go for a walk or anywhere you ride your bike.  Focus on the things you find enjoyable, relaxing and your answers like magic will be plucked out of the air.    

If you challenge the windstorms of life and perceive them as treasures, eventually you will see pass the fog to perceive the beauty of their carvings.  If you visualise yourself as a victim and look upon situations as a constant tragedy, you will mourn them forever and receive nothing but sorrow.  Externalize your emotions, your hate, your anguish and unresolved losses with oceans of tears.  Then tune into yourself as a human being working with your guides to harmonize your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. 

Your guides surround you patiently waiting for an opportunity to pass knowledge, direction and understanding onto you.  The irony is that unless you experience to remember the emotional depths of tragedy and loss, you will not recognize joy and happiness when it is presented to you.  Do things that make grief smaller so that you can move the picture of loss to a distance.  Do things that hold joy close to you so that your aura, your body language, your whole being radiates with calm, serenity and peace.