Changing Your Behaviour

We learn by repetition.  Do something enough times along your neural pathways and your behaviour will be set into your DNA structure.  When you sleep and dream you unconsciously rehearse a pattern of new learning.  That is why quality information is important to your learning process.  If the brain isn’t given anything specific to work with it just processes nonsense.  

The brain is designed to recognize patterns of energy and the pattern needs to be presented rapidly enough for your brain to perceive it for what it is.  Try it when you settle down to sleep and ask your internal clock to wake you just before your alarm goes.  However, your unconscious mind, as powerful as it is, needs direction.  Visualise freedom as being able to use your conscious mind to direct your unconscious activity.

People often persist in situations that are extremely uncomfortable simply because they are familiar with them.  They are aware they have choices but their choice, like being alone for the rest of their lives, is so terrifying that they refuse to change.  Enduring change happens when you become so tired of your problem that anything is better than what you have.  Whatever is unknown out there is a better option and you have decided you really want to break the current pattern.  Only when you can see your problem from a new perspective, are you willing to create an alternative path to pursue.

Notice your pattern, what you are doing and look at how you are acting.  Is your behaviour not producing the result you want?  Can you laugh at yourself acting stupid the way you are?  Are you able to make a change in how you view your world?  Try switching to watching yourself doing the behaviour, like seeing yourself from the outside looking into the situation to get some distance from it.

What you are doing is to trick the mind to shift the way you look at your situation.  Doing this repeatedly will help the mind to switch off the problem and turn on a solution.  If you want to find out how to do something you can’t yet do, find someone who is doing what you want and ask them how to do it or read about how to find the answer.  What you are attempting is to model a new behaviour.

So what are your wishes hopes and dreams for 2018?  What will the new year bring in for you?  Spiritually there is no such thing as accidents and we tend to create our own luck and therefore our own destiny.  Have an idea of what you want, when you want it and how you are going to get it.  The reason for this is you want to pass this information onto your subconscious so that they can help you obtain it.  We only use about 5% of our mind at a conscious level.  The remaining 95% is unconscious.  Your Guides, your guardian angels want to help you achieve your success and happiness if only you can give them some indication of what you want out of your life.