Feelings In Motion


We have all felt another person’s energy and intent when they were angry, frustrated or emitting a signal of calm loving energy.  Different emotions produce different frequencies that can be sensed and felt by all of us.  Thinking the same thoughts and feeling the same emotions each day, will re-create that same day tomorrow.  To change how you think and how you feel, you need to think greater than what you are currently feeling and go higher and above those present memories.

You need to be willing to move in a different direction and live a different life.  The moment you place your attention on familiar emotions, your attention and your energy are back in the past.  If you think of your day, with the people you have to see, the things you have to do and the places you have to go, your day is predictable.  For things to be different, focus your attention in a direction of where you want your energy to flow.

Follow your mind into the unknown and visualise specific imagery of how you want your future to be with a sequence of new thoughts and feelings.  Your brain and body does not know the difference between what you are imagining in your outer world and what is happening in your inner world.  Step into your imaginary inner world and see what you see, feel what you feel, hear what you hear, smell what you smell and taste what you taste.  Repeat and repeat your imagery before you go to sleep at night and before you start your day in the morning.

You can make your brain and your body look as if a physical experience has already happened without even having the actual experience.  For example play an instrument in your mind enough times and you will not only change your brain waves but also how you position your body.  Consciously review that activity on a regular basis and your body will have an appearance of having physically performed that activity without ever doing the exercise.  Add an emotional component like passion, love or gratitude and you will make the experience more real and the results more pronounced. 

When you start your day’s activities, your body will automatically behave equally to your conscious and unconscious intentions.  Your memories make up your internal environment with all its experiences of people and places reflected in your nerve cells.  If your thoughts determine your reality and you keep thinking the same thoughts, you will continue to produce the same incidents every day. 

Familiar memories of people, places and objects remind you to reproduce the same experiences which match your current conditions and circumstances.  When you continuously think of past memories you can only create past experiences and your past becomes your future.  If you want to create a different future, you need to change the direction of your thought process.