Love, Loved and Loving


Falling in love, spending time, sharing experiences, feeling connected and aware of the moment you are sharing with someone you care about. You listen, you are patient, you are present, you give your heart, your time, your gifts and in return you hope that you will receive the same. In a healthy relationship, you feel worthy of the other and each person matches the efforts of the other, not because you have to but because you want to. Because of that union of wholeness and completeness, two people become one and bring profound truths and experiences which surface and become greater than the self.

The same can be true of your relationship with your inner self. The idea of going within to meditate, give thanks and have respect for yourself is the excitement that should inspire you to connect within. This level of excitement and enthusiasm is what draws that energy closer to you and just like any relationship, the more you love, the bigger your love gets and it is that love that bonds you closer together.

It seems people get so caught up with their dramas that sometimes they forget about themselves.  That divine within or whatever this unifying principle that gives you life. Your body has an intelligence, a consciousness and an awareness that is paying attention to you and is always matching your efforts. It responds unconditionally and interacts with you according to who you are being. That is why you want to talk to your body in a way that causes your body to listen to you and you want to listen to your body in a way that allows it to reciprocate. When you make an effort to connect with your intelligence, it will give you attention, respect and love that will show up in your life in unexpected ways.

A loving relationship with other people also starts with a willingness and an openness to have a genuine connection. Can you ask for help, confide in others, express your limitations and tell the truth about where and who you are in life? Being loved means acceptance by others for your strengths and weaknesses, limitations and unlimited qualities. Simply showing up every day leaves room for unknown surprises and gifts of serendipity.

Love takes commitment and a genuine communication. It is similar to the love and joy you feel when you see your best friend or your family after a long absence. Because of that love, you will go to great distances to spend time and connect with them. You will sacrifice, stay up late, get up early, stay on the phone longer and go that extra mile for them because you want to. That is the type of attitude and energy that you want to step into because that which you are seeking is seeking you.