Creating your future


All creation begins with a thought. Thoughts are the language of the mind.   When we keep thinking that we do not have something we want, we churn that thought in our mind and become anxious from not having what we desire.  These emotions we are now experiencing will become habit forming if we do not deal with them.  Feelings are the language of the body.  If we keep ignoring what our body is telling us then our emotions will explode into a traumatic incident.

We start in our imagination when we are creating our future.  It is our innate ability as being part of divinity to be creators at play.  The more you think about things and imagine what it would be like to have them, the more your brain will create pictures and images of what your future would look like.  This is what it means to dream the dream of your future.

When you wake up in the morning you switch on your brain and start recruiting neural circuits that are related to the things you have learnt and experienced.  Your brain starts firing sequences, patterns, and different neural combinations to create how you feel.  Through mental rehearsal you make your future a reality by inserting yourself into the scene of your future.  Changes take place in your brain as you lay down neurological tracks that literally change your mind.  The vision your brain is experiencing is starting to look like the future you want to create which has already happened.  

If we engage in this process with passion we emotionally experience our future.  Those chemical signals our central nervous system is firing may be gratitude, joy, love, stress, anxiety or so on that creates our relationships, health, money or that perfect partner.  However many times we experience emotions as lack of in the way we feel. That is because of our conditioning of wanting immediate gratification or relief from that lack of something.  In other words if we do not get what we want straight away, the lack of experiencing it in our senses reinforces that absence of not having it.

This is the challenge as creators of our own destiny. The lack of what we live by each day when we notice it has not happened causes us to feel separate from our dreams and we no longer believe in our future.  We are back in the emotions of our past and we see our future through the window of our past. When we live in lack of whilst we are still creating our future then over time we will stop creating.  We start to wait for something outside of us to take away the lack we feel inside of us.  It is the lack we feel that keeps our dreams at arm’s length.  

We need to live by the thoughts and feelings of our future every day from the moment we wake up in the morning until the last thought we feel before we go to sleep.  The secret to manifestation is to imagine that your future has already happened.  Just as the waves in a signal are more powerful when they are coherent, the same is true when your feelings and your thoughts become aligned.  If you focus with passion on your purpose you can broadcast a strong electromagnetic signal that will pull you towards what is within your control.  The balancing of how you think and how you feel creates the emotions in your senses that is creating your future.