Wishes, Hopes and Dreams


Is it time to start the New Year by moving in a different direction? Whatever your wishes are for 2019, it all begins with a thought. That thought translates into a stream of images as you feel the emotions of the experience. Your brain and your body start to live in the images as your automatic nervous system creates scenes and feelings in your imagination of what it will feel like if your hopes and dreams come to fruition.

The problem starts when you wake up from your dream and your eyes do not see your prayers answered.  Instead you see certain circumstances in your life or someone else’s life that seem to be undesirable.  You start to anticipate a familiar scenario and forecast a predictable outcome.  In fact you begin to expect a future worst-case scenario in your mind.  As you do this, your hormones produce emotions of fear, anxiety or frustration in anticipation of the actual event.  

Now, you’re anticipating a future outcome based on a past experience, but that’s not what’s upsetting you.  What’s upsetting is the correlating emotions of anger, suffering, sadness or pain as you feel doubt and lack of that very thing you are hoping for.  So you try harder, pray harder, force, wish, beg, hope and plead with God, source energy or whatever you want to call that creative energy of all that is. You do this because that is what separation creates.  Your senses fool you into believing that you are separated from your creation and the very intelligence with which you are attempting to connect.

Whilst many of us possess the intention of meditation, we tend to miss the corresponding emotions that go with it.  Each time we lose that feeling of love, gratitude or appreciation, we are back in the lack of and create a state of separation.  If thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body, then how we think and how we feel creates our state of being.  Our mind and body are now in opposition instead of a state of connectedness, wholeness, love and oneness.  Our brain is holding the intent but the body is saying, “This is not happening…”.

So what changes in your life are you hoping to create for the coming year?  You need to genuinely open your heart and feel gratitude as if your dream has already been answered.  Why?  Because gratitude is a state of receivership.  We tend to give thanks when we receive something or have already received it.  When we genuinely do this and repeat it enough times, we tend to feel elevated emotions of wholeness and respect for others.  The more you feel those emotions, the more your body becomes conditioned to that feeling.  Each time you get up from making a wish, have a belief that your dreams have already been answered and focus on staying in the energy of unconditional love.

As you stay in a state of elevated emotions, the neurons in your body will start to build new pathways.  You will start to influence your automatic nervous system to change to a new state of being.  The after effect is that you will try, force and want things less because in a sense, you will feel that what you hope for has already happened and it does not matter anymore.  It takes a coherent mind, a clear thought along with a coherent heart, an elevated emotion to influence matter and change your biology.

How will you create space in your life right now for your desires in money, health, relationships and that perfect partner? Have faith and trust that if all possibilities exist in the quantum field, you have the ability to lift your energy frequency to match all possibilities and attract your creation. Do not give up. The key to this skill is to maintain a state of being independent of the conditions in your life. In other words, get up from your wishes, hopes and dreams as if they have already been answered and believe it in your heart.