Desirable Outcomes


When you are hoping for a desirable outcome, it is asking for something and that’s the problem. If you are asking, you are in lack of because you are wanting and the wanting means you don’t have it. When you wish for something you need to give your body time to build new neural pathways and new habits, whilst projecting thoughts like wholeness and appreciation. If you are thinking of frustration and you feel that stress constantly surrounds you, then that is what you are attracting. So, you need to move out of that environment, step into the unknown and change your thoughts of anxiety to thoughts like gratitude. If you don’t, nothing ever really changes.

For change to occur you need to self-regulate your emotions and stop trying to predict the when or where your dreams are going to be answered. Think of heart centred feelings like gratitude, love, kindness and joy, independent of your habits and the circumstances in your life. Trust in your abilities and try not to predict or force outcomes and solutions. Think of your thoughts as a radio signal being sent out and think of the related feelings as a magnet that draws the event back to you. At some point you need to let go and surrender to how the outcome will occur.

Your intention is like dropping a stone in a pond to create a ripple as the corresponding signal. The unknown is not knowing how big the pond is as it takes longer than other times for a signal to reach the shoreline and return. See the ripple as the universal law for the transference of energy and trust that at some point the signal will bounce back to you. Focus on being in the vibration of positive heart-felt emotions that created your intention.

The point of letting go is when you pluck up the courage and surrender into the unknown. To get out of the way is to get beyond yourself and that is an act of trust. To have faith at this level is to say that you do not know how it is going to happen. You have given everything you have and you are just going to let go of your intention. It is when you are no longer in control and release that intention, that you make room for something greater to occur like a transcendental moment.

Often we maintain an underlying belief that we have to be the shaker, the mover, and the actor who brings our dreams to fruition. Often this brings us to the end of our emotional belief that the intention we were hoping to create will not happen. However, it is at this point that if you persist and go beyond that limit, the miracle happens. Sometimes action is required, but it is at that point when you finally surrender, you allow for something greater to take over. That is the art and that is when the magic happens.

The act of letting go allows for an opening of a greater outcome disguised as a synchronicity, opportunity, or a coincidence to show up in your life. Often this happening is something greater than you could ever have imagined. Stop trying to figure it out and stop trying to answer your prayer yourself. It is at the point of release when you don’t care if or when the answer to your dreams is going to happen, is when your wish occurs. You have to move your thoughts to a higher level of consciousness, higher than the consciousness that created any of your present realities. So how would you live your life if you knew that all your desirable intentions will come to fruition?