Nurturing Body Mind and Spirit


Where you place your attention is where you place your energy. Throughout your body you have energy centres often referred to as chakras. These centres have their own level of consciousness, intelligence, light emission and energy frequencies that carry a certain message for you. They are surrounded by individual glands, hormones and chemistry that control individual plexus of neurons. You could say each chakra has a mind of their own, with their own colour, identified by their own frequency and wavelength. With conscious intent you can raise the level of energy in each centre to nurture your body, mind and spirit.

The first centre is located in the region of your reproductive glands and has the colour frequency of red. When this centre is in balance your creative energy flows easily and you are grounded in your sexual identity. The second centre is located slightly below your navel and has the colour orange. This area is all about digestion and indigestion and it is where the majority of your feel good hormones are located. When you trust your gut, you mean trusting your instincts to have courage in the areas of elimination, reconstruction and the creation of social networks that make you feel safe and secure.

The third energy centre is located around the solar plexus just below the top of your stomach and has the colour yellow. This centre is associated with self identity and competitive action. The energy you use to gather your willpower comes from this area when you choose to take control of your surroundings and the conditions in your life. The first three centres assist you in the areas of self survival and reflect your instincts on how you cope with your material world. From the fourth centre and gradually moving up your body to the other centres, your attention shifts from material matters of selfishness to being in an awareness of selflessness.

The fourth centre is located around the heart and emits a band wave frequency equivalent to the colour green. This loving energy of compassion, trust and respect, is the seat of your soul and the origin of your divinity. It is the location of your thymus gland and your growth hormones responsible for your fountain of youth. When this centre is on track, it is because you care about others and you want to work in cooperation for the greater good of the community. You feel a genuine love for life, you feel complete and you are satisfied with who you are.

The energy centre around your throat emits the colour blue. It is the location of your thyroid gland which controls your metabolism and calcium levels. When this centre is in alignment with the other centres, you want to voice your truth from the heart and express unconditional love. The dark blue colour of indigo is the sixth centre located around the pineal gland, the space between the back of your throat and the back of your head. Often when we focus on our forehead, we are referring to our sixth centre sometimes called our third eye, the window into our soul. When your third eye is awakened, it is like a radio antenna tuning into the higher frequencies beyond your five senses. The pineal gland is responsible for your circadian rhythm and controls your body clock to assist your mind to think creatively outside the box.

The colour violet refers to the seventh centre located in the centre of your head behind your eyes and includes the pituitary gland. This is the master gland that governs and creates harmony with all things in a downward cascade of energy to all the other energy centres. Often called the Crown Chakra, this energy centre assists your body to align all your chakras in a row down the centre of your body. The eighth energy centre is located in your electromagnetic field about 16ins (40cm) above your head and emits the colour white. It represents the portal, the connection to the cosmos and the universe as a whole. When this centre is activated and aligned with all the others chakras below, it opens you up into insights, epiphanies and deeper understandings. Through the portal, white light flows into your body, mind and spirit from the universe, in the form of creative downloads of frequencies and information.

So, when you feel stress, anxious, worried or depressed, take a moment to rest your thoughts and reflect upon the material world that surrounds you. It is likely that some of your energy centres are emitting a low frequency band and are out of alignment. Begin by placing your attention in your first energy centre located around your sexual glands and then move your attention to expand the space around this area. As you sense the space around this area, bless this centre for the greatest good and connect to thoughts and elevated feelings like love, joy and appreciation. Your intention is to raise the energy frequency around your base chakra and create a coherent field of elevated awareness around this area.

Now move your attention to the next centre and repeat the same level of focus for each of the energy centres in your body. When you come to the eighth centre located in your aura field, the place 16 inches above your head, bless this centre with elevated feelings like gratitude and wholeness. The purpose of this whole meditation is to expand your electromagnetic field and connect to profound insights from the quantum space. If you want a mystical experience, the frequencies pulsating from your energy centres need to be in an alignment and emitting feelings equivalent to love, gratitude and appreciation. Now place your awareness on your aura, with the intention of supporting the electromagnetic field circulation around your body.

If you want to feel magnificent, you need to send out thoughts of magnificence, not just in meditation but all the time. When you have blessed each of the energy centres, lie down for a moment, relax and just be aware of your surroundings. Now, place your left hand on your heart and the right hand on your stomach. Bless your past for the wisdom it has given you, bless your life for the experiences that have made you who you are today, bless your future for the endless possibilities that await you in creation. Now, allow yourself a moment of stillness and empty your mind of any thoughts. Your autonomic nervous system requires some time to take in any messages the universe has for you and to integrate that awareness into your body, mind and spirit.