The Power of Meditation


We all know that eating healthy, exercising and taking care of our physical wellbeing is certainly a great way to stay vibrant.  Perhaps you could also consider a possibility that when your body is out of balance this disturbance also exists as a pattern in your energy field.  So, rather than just concentrating on your dis-ease and do things to make it go away, also consider taking that thought further and focus on changing your energy field, to change the matter in your body.

We know that what we perceive is made up of people, places, things, objects and time. And we know that two people looking at the same situation can perceive what is going on quiet differently. So what is real and what is just an illusion? If you are constantly placing your attention on all of the elements that cause you emotional stress, then over time it will become a habit of living by these hormones, along with the resulting chemicals that they produce.  And your focus is on everything material and your inflammatory emotions. 

The chronic long-term effects of living under stress limits your ability to feel connected to your energy field and you start to experience separation from everything. Now just because you can’t see energy doesn’t mean energy does not exist.  If where you place your attention is where you place your energy then all your attention is invested in your current reality. If you want an additional alternative to heal or change your life, then you need to get beyond the belief that you are your body. 

Meditation is a great way to take your focus of your body, your life, your identity, the things you own, the people you know, the places you go and the concept of time.  If you want to invest your attention on the invisible field of energy, then you need to experience it without your senses. Be open in your focus and be aware, and just be aware that all you are doing in your awareness is just being that. Get beyond your body and everything material to connect to your energy in open focus. We know that every form and structure of life has an energy field surrounding it. We tend to think that matter is emitting some type of vibration or that it is matter which is emitting an energy field.  Look at life from a different view and see your energy field that is creating matter, not matter that is creating energy.

If you have a desire to heal something or change something in your life, consider meditation as an additional tool to get beyond everything known in your life. Enter into the unknown of nothing, of nobody, of no place and of no time. Take your attention of your body and things and focus on changing the pattern in your energy field. If your focus is solely on trying to change matter, then you have a belief that matter is more real than energy. 

You know you cannot have life without energy, so you need to get beyond your thoughts and beyond your matter in order to change whatever is happening within your body. Every time you change the pattern in your energy field, you change what your autonomic nervous system is creating within your body. If you want your life to be different from what it is now, consider going within yourself and focus on meditation. Change your energy field and you change your physiology.